Where is the best place to get high for you?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Dandanzuraidi, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Just wondering where does everyone enjoy getting high apart from their home. I personally like to sit on my balcony and just enjoy the breeze. I sometimes take walk around town; But living in LA, all I can see is buildings and shit. What about you guys?
  2. In front of my computer, usually while watching a movie.
  3. Oh dude get hdmi and plug that shit in, your mind will be blowned especially if you YouTube rave concerts
  4. Oh dude get hdmi and plug that shit in, your mind will be blowned especially if you YouTube rave concerts
  5. Oh hell yea, I used to have my 50" plasma hooked up but I moved things around and need a longer cable now.
  6. Oh I feel you man, I totally would share mine with you if I could. Totally grateful that you taught me how to smoke my shit properly rofl thanks again
  7. At home or a house of someone I trust.. Generally just at a house.
    Other than that at like a hiking trail that opens up to a lake or someshit.
  8. oh man forgot all about that.  I failed to mention that I never get stoned from vaping, only really high.  I've never gotten that lethargic couch-locked high from vaping that I do from smoking which is why you might feel you don't get high from vaping, but thats off the subject.
  9. I used to live next to like a little forested area next to a creek. Me and my friends would just go in the forest to our little area and just sit on a log, smoke, and watch the creek and shit.

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  10. Around 11pm or midnight I like to sit on my bed (alone), smoke my pipe, blow it out my window, and have 4 or 5 candles lit for a little light and a pleasant smell. :)
  11. Living in the middle of no where, outside in general. Whether its parked on top of a big hill or on top of a grain elevator. As high up as I can get to see miles across the plains.
  12. My garage!!

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  13. I enjoy going in the woods or smoking in the car on the way to do something fun!

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  14. I ussually take the golf cart to the course in our complex at night when no ones out.
    I love driving backed baked as hell

    I like to smoke.

  15. Balcony, bunker

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  16. On top of the downs, you have to walk through some woods but they open up at the top of the hill likejust a little patch at the edge of the cliff, you can see for miles across the fields and shit. Best place to smoke hands down because it's so secluded and the most chilled place to sit with your buddies.

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    Besides my home, I'd have to say at a park. I can get paranoid like a bitch you wouldn't believe though, cause we have tons of cops randomly pulling over to walk around parks at night since there are so many damn stoners in my area (and no diddly shit is legal here in FL) but man on those nights where you can just head over there and spark up with some buddies in a secluded area... the best. During the day is good too, but nights win me over anytime.
    Happy toking bros
  18. I'd have to say my home.

    I put so much money into my home especially my guest home(Made it into my personal hangout area for me and friends).
  19. Holy crap kinda envious of those people living near forest and shit. I bet it feels like wonderland. But aren't you guys afraid like bears and shit might eat you guys
  20. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1383169994.737472.jpg this is my favorite spot in nyc :3 williamsburgh with the view of the skyline at a park. nobody really gives a shit if you smoke, and you meet fellow stoners too! 👍 best spot imo

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