where is the best place to buy WW and blueberry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Odin420, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. hello, im looking for the highest quality seeds for white widow and blueberry, and also a good lowryder
  2. a million answers for that one man, but HGS has a great WW and DJ short has awesome blueberry as well as true blueberry. So many of both of those strains out there.......
  3. i know soooo many growers same name, but different quality im sure, ill look at hgs and dj short
  4. top quality on both of them, I promise ya that!! good luck bro!
  5. YUP! thats them they are a top notch unit man, one of the best NL5s you'll ever see and a lot of kick ass lines, some are VERY strong!!
  6. Best place to get Blueberry? 1.) DJ Short 2.) Dutch Passion (non-feminized version)
    Best place to get White Widow (A.K.A. Black Widow)? 1.) Mr. Nice 2.) De Sjamaan


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