Where is the best place to buy HPS systems?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by starvinmarvin, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. All my local dealers seem to be retards. I can't get in touch with the guy from Inside Sun, is there any other place on line that isn't too expensive and trustworthy?
    Starvin Marvin
  2. what are you looking for?
  3. craigslist.com

    u'd be surprised what there is locally
  4. http://www.htgsupply.com/index.asp
    Try these guys. That's where I shop for most of my supplies. Good prices on lights and pretty quick shipping. They also list on Ebay. I just got a 4 bulb T-5 Veg light from them. I won it on Ebay Monday, Got it today. $86. I purchased my 1000w MH/HPS through their site. Under $300
  5. I bought the 400 set up

    Funny part is when it was left at my door by ups, my neibor took it in her apt to keep it safe, She said she left a not for me in my mailbox but the mail man musthave acid. taken it with outgoing mail so I had no clue. I was sudenly called away for a couple days and when I got back she was out of town for about 5 days and since I had no idea where my item was I called them and the reshipped.

    Lets just say am very happy with that purchaser and the end result of all the confusion:D

    can you say backup?

  6. I also recommend HTG.

    There is one caveat to buying one of their budget systems, and the photo Radio911 posted clearly demonstrates the point: the power cord is hard-wired to the lamp fixture and to the ballast (see in the photo). This can be a bit of a problem because usually you want the ballast out of the grow space because of the heat it gives off. Some kits have a plug at one end or the other so that you can pass just the cord through a small hole, but if they are hard-wired, and if you have a cab that you want the ballast on the outside, you need a hole big enough to pass the entire ballast through. That hole, of course, then needs to be air- and light-sealed. It is doable but a bit of a pain.

  7. WHEN i BRING MY LIGHT WITHIN LETS SAY 4 INCHES MY PLAT GETS 85 TO 88 DEGREES OF HEAT BUT AT (DARN CAPS) 8 to 9 inches ubove my closet/ plant area is a comfy 79 Degrees mid plant (shaded) and 82 at the topps:D

    And that is with the ballast in there:smoking:

  8. Wow, thats awesome how that deal turned out. If your interested in selling one of the systems let me know.
  9. another vote for htgsupply. i bought the same system pictured above, and it's well worth the $.

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