Where is the best place in the world to be a garbage man?

Discussion in 'General' started by dopenugz, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Don't want it to be too hot or the garbage will stink bad..Don't want the temperature to be too cold, since I hate the cold. Prefer the place to have a great recycling program, since it means less for me to move around.

    Where should I move to pursue my career? :confused::smoking::bongin:
  2. San Diego! The beaches are great there too. Never hotter than 80 never colder than 60. Love It. But Daytona isnt so bad either. J ust a little to hot in July and August
  3. Are you the garbage man Dopenugz? I once dated a sanitation man. He had everything!
  4. i am unemployed right now...not everyone can be a doctor;) :D :smoke::hippie:
    mostly chillin and drinkin at cocoa or NSB
  5. Im sorry if you thought I was making fun of you. I was not. You can be certain, im no rocket scientist.
  6. naw, its cool i was being sarcastic;) :bongin:
  7. naw not daytona. its way too hot during summer. it was in the mid nineties this past week here in orlando, and i know daytona isnt usually much better
  8. shit, for all I love Florida (grew up in NSB, went to school in Daytona) it's fucking HOT! Not just hot in July and August, it's hot from about March until about September, punctuated by mad rushes to the Home Depot and Publix for hurricane prep. Not where I'd want to load garbage!

    San Diego sounds nice - gonna have to visit someday =)
  9. id say south cali, or FL.

    ps, the new name for garbage man is sanitational engineer;)
  10. California... from what I've seen, they have the best recycling programs in the country. That's cool that that matters to you. You'll want someplace on the coast most likely. The central valley is always hot in the summer. The Sierras are cold in the winter. San Diego has nearly perfect weather, but pretty much anywhere from Santa Barbara on south would probably suit your needs.

  11. he cares because its less stuff to be hauled away by him...lol
    but that kind of honesty is cool too
  12. dude. switzerland. move to zurich

  13. hahaha I live there and was just about to say the same thing. The garbage trucks here have the automatic lift too so you just chill in your truck and watch the machine do your job.
  14. I recommend amsterdam

  15. Lol, and just smoke all the schwaggy bud that people have chucked out :D
  16. go somewhere fucking rich, and hopefully every now and then you'll see something on top of the garbage that's worth a lot to you but nothing to them old bastards

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