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  1. i really want to vist there studio but i cant seem to find where it is can someone help mee:smoke:
  2. Hey PUFFER looks like we are part of the same team...not to sure about Syn location....are you looking for US made tube or something? i can recommend a few as i am a glass man myself
  3. Island dyes smoke shop in North Carolina as far as I've heard. There was a rumor that the studio was closed by the local fire Marshall but as far as I've seen they are still producing pieces. I know a few months back a couple of syns blowers started working with either headyglass.com or the colorado project I forget which.
  4. don't think I'm right but isn't it in north Carolina or new jersey?
  5. ya guys im pretty sure its here in nc but im having a big problem finding them...and ya i also have seen alot of the syn guys on the colorado project
  6. why wouldnt u just call island dyes and find out ..... sheesh
  7. man im in n.c i got a dope ass syn that i need yo get fixed
  8. They are made at island dyes in the outer banks
  9. i hope ur stll not talking about that hello kitty tube

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