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  1. So basically i picked up a bit last night, my mum doesnt let me keep anything in the house but i took it into the house, into my room and stashed it in a drawer, at least i thought i did. Because shortly after hiding it in my room i left the house and went out with a few mates got drunk and stoned etc, was a good night, so i get back with my pal that lives 5 mins walk away, and i go inside to go grab a nug so we can have a smoke.

    At this time im fucked btw, pretty drunk and stoned so not really 100% with it at this point in time, but i go in my room and check the drawer for the bud but its not there. So im like fuckkkkkkkkkkk my mums obviously found it which suckssss, and even worse i have to grab a nug of the dankest dank ive been saving in a jar for a while which tbh i didnt wana smoke with my friend, but anyway i did and it was a potenttt smoke.

    So anyway this morning ive woken up really hungover, and im thinking did i actually put it in that drawer, or somewhere else? My room is a mess btw it literally could be in such well hidden places, and im just debating where it could be, and this is totally a crappy situation coz now i gotta ask my mum did she find it and come up with a bullshit excuse like its my mates, im sure she wont care to much, she probably just smelt it out, but its just the trust aspect im bothered about if she did find it,

    but owell shes gona be back home in a while, im just gona see if she mentions it to me first but if not ill just have to ask her,

  2. Just buy more nug. Put it in a paper or utensil. Set it aflame. Inhale the buddha.
  3. yeh but im kinda strapped for cash, and it was a half ounce man
  4. Half o? Tear your fucking room apart!! And why didn't you just stash it with the jar of saved up weed? If you had the jar for a while then it's obviously a safe spot
  5. what can i say... im high most of the time lol :cool::smoke:
  6. Check another drawer

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