Where is it LEGAL to grow???

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  1. What countries allow you to grow marijuana? I would prefer people with first hand knowledge respond only. I am wanting to move to south of the border maybe south america. Please help.....

    Email me at keith@ratlifflogging.com if you have any or all the info. I have hunted the net but nothing really spills the beans.

  2. In Holland you can have up to 5 plants for personal use. Idk about anywhere else :cool:
  3. In Holland it has been decriminalized and even though it is still questionable in terms of legality in concerns to growing, generally it is acceptable if you have a small personal grow, usually consisting of six to twelve immature plants, and up to six mature plants. In Alaska, they have similar state laws that are constantly under attack by various political parties and governmental officials.

    In the Rif Mountains of the middle east, it is generally acceptable for the people in the towns surrounding the Rif for them to grow copious amounts of marijuana as it is their only acceptable form of income. It was outlawed there in the early seventies, but was so widely violated that even today, no one pays attention to that law as it would force a great deal of farmers to go and find new work. Other attempts at cash crops did not grow fast enough to support the neighboring economy, so they pretty much just grow illegal cannabis which is shipped to various large scale drug dealers.

    Once in a while international authorities will go over there and burn a farm or two, but by the next year there's another to take its place since cannabis grows very readily in the rich soil of the Rif Mountains. And there's so much of it they'd have to burn down a great deal of the countryside to eradicate it, thereby destroying the villages and I only think a whole scale attention from the U.S. Government could commit such an atrocity. You never know though . . .

    Basically the entire world has made it illegal to grow cannabis. Not a single place, even Holland can be considered to be totally legalized. It is, however, very varied in terms of laws and harshness of penalties for both use and growing. Personally I would move to Holland or Alaska as those are the only two places where if they find a grow, the worse you get is a fine.

    Canada is very lax in certain areas, but growing is still very taboo and questionable in terms of penalty.
  4. on eof my friends told me that humboldt county california its legal to have liek a few plants per household or soemthin, i dono hes prolly just full of shit lol
  5. My goal is to find a place where the dollar goes far and I can plant to my hearts content.....

  6. i think hes full of shit...try Antarctica?

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