Where Is EVERYONE!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by GrassMyHash, May 17, 2006.

  1. wheres Aimed, DBW, Ter etc

    i went away for a while and the site is unrcognisable, no more familiar faces (well names) apart from Hoast, Lebowski, Joint, Wykid, RastaMan and so on!!!

    This makes me sad!!:mad:
  2. I think DBW still posts in rec. use, who's Ter?
    Btw, thanks for mentioning me :)
  3. Yeah been thinkin the same thing man.. Probably the surge of newbies that the city always gets once in awhile.. it's a phase, they'll all realize no one likes them.

    If I remember, Terp. left for that exact reason.. a flood of idiots.
  4. Terpsichore

    she has been around. She said things are finally settling down and she will be back full time again very shortly

    and if i remember correctly DBW said she had a lot of work to do as well.
  5. Well Ter is supposed to be terischope, cant remamber how to spell her name, i forgot:eek:, so didnt wanna disrespect so jus abriviated!

    Thanks for the Response, cant wait for the city to return to the good ol' days, i think i joined just befor everything strted hittin the fan!!
  6. Hey man, that was low. I'm still a newb, do you not like me, cuz I like everybody. Seriously, what is the point of an online forum if you want to lock everybody out but yourselves. Now, I understand that among a lot of newbies there were a lot of immature assholes. But, that's not every new user here. Lighten up man.
  7. its not you red zep, its all these idiots with the spams and such. Not directed towards just you man, its directed to the THOUSANDS of people who come n go withinn a few days it seems. its ridiculous, ull notice sooner or later
  8. don't take it personal redzepp

    i am sure he is just talking about the surge of immature idiots, not the few respectable people that joined :smoke:
  9. Its nothin to do with you zep or new ppl joinin the city its just some newbs are assholes and just fuck up the atmosphere in the city, im fairly new also!!:)
  10. Dont worry Zepplin, you're out of the nest.
    Ive only got about 100 more posts till im at 2grand!
  11. Well I hope you guys are right. I know that there are a lot of idiots that spam the forums, like that paypal idot.:rolleyes: I just don't want anyone to generalize the new blood with the assholes.

    I fucking love this site. Everyone, except the idiots, is cool as hell. It's good we can all just rant about important issues, what we picked up today, or nothing at all. It's just too bad it has to be ruined sometimes by immature pricks, and then seasoned users leave, along with thier opinions and knowledge.

    ohh, and thanks everyone for the kind words, I'll smoke a bowl for all of you
  12. I suppose "newbie" wasn't the best choice of word, mostly just the immature-just-here-to-make-trouble-and-spam newbies. You definately aren't one of them.

    But maybe you shouldn't lash out like that at someone before you get where he's comin from ;)
  13. My thoughts exactly, btw no offense to any other new members, just making an observation!

  14. Although I beleive we do need to keep the spam and crap in check, I actually have fun at messing with them :D
    The one thing that annoys me is when theres a billion threads asking the same question, "how do i pass a dt" "how do i mask weedsmell". That makes me want to leave...
  15. it doesnt make me want to leave

    but it does make me wish i had some mods powers so i could close the threads so there are not a million of them

  16. You don't recognize me? Ouchhhhh, haha just kidding, I hope everyone comes back too..
  17. im right here smoking a :bongin: trying to stay away from all the spam around here....because....uh...spam is nasty. :mad:

  18. Oh yea, and where the hell is debauch and fuzzyourself?

  19. :confused:
  20. hehe lebowski i keep thinking you're bobbert because of that picture in your sig

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