Where is everyone??

Discussion in 'General' started by L Rag, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Sup everyone..

    I live in New Zealand (Wellington), and I've been tokin for about a year now, and have blazed with heeeaps of different people.. Introduced a few to weed.. But what I'm now gettin pissed off about is the lack of people LIKE ME. I mean fuck, I blaze with gangstas, I blaze with normal people, I just never blaze with people that like to relax and enjoy it, everyones always trippin, all my mates are complaining about bud, its just like SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ENJOY IT, YOU KNOW WHY YOUR HAVING A BAD TIME? COZ YOUR MAKING YOURSELF FEEL THAT WAY IDIOT, CALM DOWN AND JUST CHILL! FUCK.

    Anyone get me? Man, I have, probably, one real friend. No joke. I blaze up with this guy whenever I can, but he's now quit for the exams. I cant think of anyone else as chill as him to blaze up with. I was just recently in Hawaii, and met a guy there from Cali, and we just hit it off and blazed up everyday and just chilled, it was cool. Why cant that happen here? Where are all the chill people at!? I've got idiot mates that take the smallest hit and dont even inhale and complain that they dont feel the high so they dont take any more. I've got mates that blaze one time and say it fucks them up for the rest of the week and they cant think of anything for the whole week. How fucking bullshit. I just wanna find someone I can roll with and just walk around, or just relax, chill, not worry about anything and blaze up. Is that really such a hard thing to ask?

  2. One thing about MJ that I love is that the average stoner is usually more than willing to share some of his weed with another fellow stoner. Ain't that some shit. Here we have a stoner looking to share some of that chronic and there is nobody in sight. If I was in NZ, I would definitely toke one with you.

    How is the bud down there in NZ?

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