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Where is a good place off the internet to get a bong or bowl?

Discussion in 'General' started by Moltar, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. sup
    this is moltar

    I NEED a bowl or bong
    but i don't wanna spend alot and I don't want a cheaply made one

    Where is a quality place to buy from?
    I'd buy from around here where i live, but there aren't that many head shops here and the ones there are all have closed down or stop selling (DAMN YOU ASHCROFT)

    Any buying stories or helpful hints are welcome
    I'd love to have a (colorchanging if possible) bong, but they are expensive
    If i had to i'd settle for a nice colorchanging bowl

    which to you prefer and why?
  2. yeah go glass

    check out the city shop, look at the top of your screen and click shop, there are alot of really cool pieces
  3. here at grasscity.... and get a glass spoon or something... they aint too expensive... their nice piece's here too...
  4. The city is the best place! Good products and good service!

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