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where in the world does cannabis grow naturally

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by jayjay5396, May 17, 2011.

  1. i know people grow it but i wanna know where it grows naturally i.e without anybody planting it

    also is white widow the pedigree of weed??? i know theres alot of mixed plants out there but id like to know is white widow the stain thats been around longer than any other cannabis plant
  2. there are alot of places weed grows in the world outdoors, a few people claim weed grows naturally alot of places but it is hard to prove or disprove, i have heard that some parts of the middle east, south america, and asia, where weed grows natural and there are specific strains that have adapted over time to those conditions so it excels in that environment....as far as the longest strain know to man, i do not believe it would be white widow, it would probably be one of the Chinese or Egyptian strains they used to grow back in the day, if you look at history of weed they don't talk to much about strains till the very late 80's early 90's so idk on that one but i do know white widow is a bomb strain lol!
  3. cheers m8 i'll try looking up the history of weed n am thinking of growing white widow but my m8 wants me to grow blue cheese but as far as i can gather white widow is popular so its gotta be better i like weed to chill with i hate the stuff thats too strong yeah i wanna get high but not tooo fucking high lol if ya look on rhino seeds website it says the buds get so big it snaps branches i love the way they put the description here just have a read

    ..The most hardcore White Widow ever to be produced! Feminized Seeds White Widow is an absolute classic she has the old school skunk taste, Immense crystal production and yeilds that will break branches unless supported!...

    if you check the link its the last item on that very page its propper making me wanna buy them seeds
    Feminised Seeds Company

    have you bought seeds from that site if so please tell me if you got good seeds i wanna buy some but i dont wanna get ripped off will duff seeds
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  5. Cannabis is ancient- it has a written medical history dating back over 4,000 years in China, and almost that long in India.

    Cannabis in India: ancient lore and modern
    medicine (full - 2005)

    Cannabis sativa seems to have diffused from a geographic point in Central
    Asia, according to classical plant explorers [5–8] and more modern authorities
    [9–11]. Sharma [12] felt its origin was in the Himalayan foothills, but offered
    little documentation. This botanical sleuthing has been supported by physical
    evidence of cannabis flowers and seeds associated with haoma-soma religious
    rites in ancient Bactrian sites in excavations by Sarianidi [13, 14] in Margiana
    (present day Turkmenistan), dating to the second millennium BCE. Philological
    support derives from the term bhanga, also seemingly originating among the
    Central Asian Arya peoples [15].

    White Widow is a new-comer (a delightful one, though- just harvested some). As an example, Panama Red has been around WAY longer than White Widow! If you want the old strains, look for landraces - a term for strains that have been cut off from others for centuries.

    There is a fair sized section on "HISTORY - ANCIENT" in my List. Just click that first link in my sig to access it! Learning about cannabis is always fun! (And my List makes a great source for writing papers on MMJ!)


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