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Discussion in 'General' started by Zylark, Dec 23, 2002.


What Continent?

  1. N. America

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  2. S. America

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  3. Europe (incl. Russia)

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  4. Middle East

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  5. Africa

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  6. Asia

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  7. Oceania

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  1. I'd just like to know the geographical spread of the city... Most of you are from n-america i guess, but quite a few are from different parts of the world. Me, Europe.

    On a different note, I managed to spill some beer into my keyboard yesterday, so my "d" key is a bit slow...

    Not the first time, I've replaced 2 keyboards in the last 3 years. My first "beerspill" was back in the days of the ZX Spectrum. This is almost turning into an annual expence!!

    The closest thing I've gotten to a beerproof keyboard were the ones I used with my Amiga 2000 & 4000.

    No prizes for guessing what I need for Xmas :)
  2. Scotland here....so i guess were linked to the Europe poll....but hey we like being individual...lol....Peace out...Sid
  3. England here........
  4. Hey, I'm going to Newcastle (several times) come may/june. It's a gig on the boat beetween Bergen & Newcastle I'm gonna be working on this early summer. Stupid gig, but hey, TAX FREE liquer and smokes. Shame I don't dare smuggle no weed over tho'

    Strangly I've never been to the UK. Everywhere else in europe, but not the english isles.
  5. oh canada baby.. our home and native land!!! well.. not really our native land cuz we stole it from the natives and slapped them with the riverside lowland reserves... but hey .... the white man brought in weed so i guess its all even
  6. But I'm from the Kero-be'n
  7. New Zealand here, I just got back from Frodo's cottage a few minutes ago, he had some seriously dank shire weed.
  8. :)

    In LotR 1, Fellowship of the Ring, did you get the comment about Gandalf beeing "hooked" on the halflings leaf?

    hehe. Nice. I think most Tolkien fans are (at least the ones i know) avid Tokers.

    And the scenery in those movies. Damn. I live in the land of fjords, but those rolling green hills, damn thats beautifull.

    I'm not a nature buff by any means. I love the city, but beauty of nature is fantastic. One of the most awe inspiring moments I've ever had was climbing up a small mountain (well, trekking) here on the westcoast of norway, lighting up a fattie and taking out my binoculars to get a view of things. Unspoilt nature at it's finest. Gotta do that again.

    Only reason I did that trek btw was 'coz we vere doing a video shoot. Try carrying 15kg of camera and tape and batteries and stuff up a 15' angle slope full of undergrowth and shit. Even turned out later that there was a path up the hill. Instead of using nearly two hours going up, we could have used under 45 mins, and had a lot less agony. Then again, we were pretty blazed, so...
  9. None from S.America yet, are they all hooked on coke down there or what :)
  10. in order to get on a message board you have to be able to afford a computer


    hope i didnt offend anyone

    wait.... no i dont
  11. true. We should consider us pretty lucky to live in a part of the 3rd rock that are affluent and developed. Food for thought in this festive season.
  12. ...dang, I only managed a measly 67% on the evil score... I need to worship santa, um, satan right now :)
  13. I cant vote so I have to post my answer.........I'm from North America from the big ole state of WV.......
  14. Oregon, here.

    Im oh yes i am craving the hobbitt shire weed. Can you imagine?!

    Just saw the movie. And enjoyed it

  15. You guys should come visit and see the scenery then, you could also tour through the shire village set, except it'll cost you $50, which is a bit pricey but I guess it's worth it.
  16. I live in Illinois, the land of flat stuff and corn. Yup, we got lots of corn. You don't even know, there are places you can go with nothing but corn for miles, it's actually quite a site, imagine yellow and green as far as the eye can see...

    ...okay so it's not exactly majestic fjords or sweeping green hills but it'll do.

  17. Are you really from Holland? I have family in Utrecht, Almiere (sp?), and Lelystad.

    I might be headed that way next year. We can meet at a coffee shop, you smoke a bowl while I smoke a cig. lol
  18. Rolling plains, miles of nothing but small stands of blackjack oaks and rolling hills of bluestem grass. I suppose to some it may seem boring, but to watch a thunderstorm come rolling off the Rockies on hot summer afternoon, a spectacular autumn sunset, or, like the other day, watching it snow sideways, just means home to me!
  19. I'm from north america, Pennsylvaina. It's not bad here... i'd like to live somewhere else though, maybe somewhere warmer and that has better laws on weed, i don't want to leave behind my family though.
  20. Finland, yes, it's cold in here.

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