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Where/How to manicure/dry your weed after growing in an isolated space

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by sunwave, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Ok so i understand that a carbon filter will keep the smell away while the plants are flowering... but then you take your plants out of the cabinet/growbox/closet and manicure your weed and then leave them out to dry... It will smell like weed everywhere obviously... So how does someone thats growing in a closet or a small space, manicure and dry their weed somewhere safe without it stinking up your entire house?
  2. close the door to the room and keep the filter running... eventually the smell will go away... it should not linger for long....

    light up a joint, that should make the smell go away:p
  3. You have to dry it in the same space as the carbon filter, OR rig up another closet with a recirculating carbon scrubber. DIY ona bucket <search that term, is another option to cover the smell.

    Whatever you do, you'll have to ventilate and circulate the air just like when you were growing. I harvested the other day and my whole house STINKS like dank, I'm going with the DIY ona bucket to cover the smell.
  4. Setup a small tent and harvest inside it...with a carbon filter going inside the tent...works if your somewhere you can't let the smell out.
    Of course this won't work for everyone.

  5. I ran into the same problem as you, but probably for different reasons.
    I am a medical patient, so I do not try to hide the scent because of the risk of getting caught, its because I have neighbors (i live in a duplex) and the couple has very young children.
    Out of respect for them, I choose to do everything possible to mask any odor from my grow.

    what I have found is that it is very hard too completely mask the scent at all times. Especially the trimming process. If you dont have a harvest pro, a decent size plant could take you an hour or more to trim. I cant put a chair in my tent and sit in there and have enough room to comfortably spend hours trimming my weed, nor would I want to.

    so I mean its kinda long story here, but when I trim my tree's I bring them to a completely new location, and then bring them back to dry and cure them (in my tent)

  6. Easy. I live in a one bedroom apartment. I have a couple HEPA filters I turn those on light some incense, keep the carbon filter running. Never really a issue.

    I use my tent to dry in never any smells at all.
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    I still dont know what to do...

    I will be growing in a cabinet type of box i build myself.. The carbon filter will be hooked up to it... I cant crawl into a little box and manicure my weed in there lol.

    I cant dry my weed in there either.

    If i take the plants out to manicure them it pretty much defeats the entire purpose of having run a carbon filter in the 1st place cuz i coulda just grown without it and stunk up my entire house... Just like its gonna happen once i start manicuring... So how do i make sure the smell doesnt go through my entire house and everywhere outside while im manicuring my weed?

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