Where have you seen 420 while blazed?

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  1. Inspired by a recent thread, I've decided to make a thread I feel is slightly necessary.

    Where have you seen 420while blazed?

    * * *

    We all have had it happen to us while baked.
    And while sober - but we tend not to pay as much attention or laugh the same way.
    We see the number 420, or 4:20 or $4.20 - any possible form the number is in, we will notice.

    Where have you last seen 420 while high?
    If not your most recent experience, just tell of an interesting piece of history where you did.

    My most recent run-in's with seeing 420:

    1. As soon as me and my mates got baked, our first game of Super Smash Bros : Melee, at the end of the very first round I had a time (I don't really know what the time means in SSBM) of 4:20.
    2. While walking home from a massive session at midnight down my street, I noticed for the first time in my life, that the address of the art gallery on the corner of my street is 420.

    How about you? :smoke:
  2. well i went to mcdonalds baked as hell and got some dollar shit and the dude was like "your total is 420 please move to the next window" hahaha
  3. I was chillin' in my room and an AC guy to check out the AC because one of the pipes frooze of something. I was in my room like smoking a bowl or something of the nature, and the guy goes..Smokin' to hell up here aint' ya'? I just laughed, but when I looked at the receipt or bill after he left, he wrote 420 in Time Arrived and Time Left. It was 2:30 though, I thought it was really funny. This was actually the other day.
  4. My friend bought $420.xx worth of beer for this halloween party
  5. Today I got blazed after work and went to the DMV. I got my number and sat down. I went outside to my car and forgot what I was doin and went back in, but I couldnt find my number slip. I looked all over... but it was in my wallet. When the lady called my number, It was 1-420 B, I looked at the time and the third hand had just past twenty after four. I fucked with the lady at the desk a little and asked her what time it was just to hear her say. But looked at her watch and said 4:25. She ruined it for me. I was sad.
  6. at my old high school we used to park in spot 420 haha, it happened randomly but once we figured it out we parked there all the time. it was actually a teachers spot but she didn't really care. I've seen 420 sooo many times I always wish I could take a picture or something but it never happens. Prom at my old school was on 4/20 too.
  7. i found out today that my sister is going to have a second baby, and it's scheduled on 4/20. :)
  8. Upon paying for the 'Great Canadian' at Arby's my bill came to $4.20
    And let me tell you, that is one hell of a Roast Beef Sandwich to eat while danked.
  9. yea, $4.20 from McDonalds too haha... 99cents X4 = 3.96 +tax = $4.20

    6% tax :metal:
  10. I was driving down the street after smoking and I look at the licenses plate infront of me and it's simply "420". No letters or nothing, just 420.
  11. the time you are refering to in Smash bros. is your average or if you were playting ith one life your life before dieing.

    and i have know a kid from high school about 2 or 3 years ago he was a huge stoner and had a VW bus (it was fun to blaze in the back and just kick it... well his license plate was 420 THC
    the way he got it was he said he went to te DMV and said the meaning behind it is THC=The holy christ and 420= the chapeter of the club or group. and the DMV person either didnt care,didnt know ,or was a stoner (not likely with government drug testing but just throwing out all possiblities...)
  12. the project i am working on at work has an id tag of #420 lol
  13. Im not bulshttin here but........
    Nearly every time i check the meter in my car it reads 420.....and wen i ever feel like tokin up in the arvo, it is really close to 4:20 (give or take a min), perhaps my biological clock has adjusted becoz i always smoke at 4:20??! lol
  14. some real talk homie ibe had that shit happen to me. but usually i see 4r20 on the watch. the time just pops out at me.

    so fuckn loaded haha
  15. The best was when my school lunch came out to $4.20, the lady said 420 please, i gave a slight chuckle. It gave some pep to my day.
  16. Sublime - Don't Push (4:20)
  17. I went for an RV/Camping road trip with my folks like 5 years back. I was like 14.
    Baked outta my mind. All I remember was we parked in camp-spot #420.
  18. I see 4:20 everywhere, baked or sober. Most recently, though, I saw it this morning when I woke up at exactly 4:20.
  19. in Germany down in the senior room at school 421 is written on the wall(european style I guess?)
  20. Im standing on a street corner in Amsterdam 5 years ago, smoking a joint.
    I look up at the clock tower in front of me (Munt Tower) and see that it was constructed in 1620 (which is military time for 4:20pm). I went back the next afternoon, smoked another joint, and watched the clock as it passed 4:20. Very cool.

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