where have we gone ?

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  1. hear these words and we shell fly this night! into the wind as a wild dove and free is are lifes to time ! touch my ink and close your eyes we shell be as one spirit awing ! read slower and let your mind gluide apone the air! we float into the clouds and to space! fear not we are spirits and we need not air to fly or to breath we are self forfilling and we flying with out the power of are wings just the will of are selfs to let us be free as we move threw the space around us ,we are ,a flight !are spirits sing in the freedom of are mind and are spirits are warm to the freedom we feel ! where are we to go ,thats yours to know ! for i am only along for the ride you are nowmy eyes to the forcomeing! and i await your corse ! where would you go ?what would you do ? are we there yet!will you let me know?
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  2. I assume you astral travel....

  3. sometimes it seams im drifting

    a leaf blown from an anchant tree

    sorrow fills the air with melody

    soft and sweet

    the ground below is jagged

    waiting to rip and tear away

    freedom is drifting high and far away

    exploration is knowledge gained each passing day

    and a faucet inside my mind

    drips my life away
  4. Hey rainman.....no one would complain about a visit....

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