where have all the flowers gone

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  1. The Queen of the Night only blooms once a year, 8.00pm till 6.00am then it is all over, like our lives, make the best of it,
    The 60`s had it all right, put some flowers in your hair, We all want pot legalised, but if you, a judge had to go throuh these forums, see the evil masks etc, what for, we all say God made weed why not smoke it, if it is weed we are promting why not have some flowers as well. If Your`e going to San Francisco, be sure to put some flowers in your hair.
    Only been here as a junior member, but let us all say, lets get back to basics, enjoy, relax, mellow, put some flowers in your hair.
    Itchicoo Park: What did you do there, I got so high......,,,,

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  2. Yeah whatever, I mean flowers are nice, but wake up the hippy days are over, it was an utopia (a nice one alltough) but humans can't live in peace, no matter how hard we wish it to be so, it just isn't possible, majority of people are greedy, our culture is based on money, owning things, etc. owning is the key word here, western culture is based on owning everything, the house, the sofa, the land, the wife and the kids, the friends etc. face it most people have the need to own everything they have, you don't want to rent a car, you want to have your own car, everywhere you are ancouraged to own different thing, infact all your life is just a big race where you have to catch as much stuff as you can, people respect you if you've made lots of money, you have you're own house etc. isn't that what everybody should do? if you don't have a job you're a bum, right? it's the way it is, it's almost impossible to live without owning things, for example of you want to go and live in the forrest by hunting animals for food etc. it's not possible, you have to pay a fee to the land lord, you have to pay for the hunting licences, then there comes the goverment wich has some kind of registers and etc. wich you aren't in, and you should be, it isn't strictly banded in any law to go and live in the woods but there's alot of ways how it becomes impossible.

    Where have all the flowers gone? They've been tarded for dollar bills
  3. Life is in the fast lane now, no time to go out and smell the roses, pity
  4. There's time, plenty of it, the time hasn't gone anywhere or grew shorter, people just set up these limitations to themselves, you don't have to go to work everyday, it doesn't matter if you're late from the meeting, it doesn't mean anything if you skip a class. Many parents just paint these horror images of how you could be if you don't study hard. And there's lots of documents about unemployed people around the world, people are scared to step aside from the line.
  5. It's true, we make ourselves have no time. I mean I am now unemployeed and seeking employment, however it gives you an uneasy feeling to be unemployeed (for the first time) and not know where money will come from. However, I truely believe that things are simply things, and when it comes down to it, I don't need a tv, radio, all the outfits that line the closet. I find comfort knowing that no matter what, I am still me and I can make do. Luxury is luxury, and it wouldn't hurt us to slow down and realize the importance of human life, rather than buying the fastest computer.
  6. true, life just gets faster and faster, in a way it's good, maybe in the future we don't have to suffer for hundreds of years in diseases we don't have a cure for, we won't be burned on stakes just because we think differently, but there's the possibility that "the end" is getting closer faster and faster. we don't need things, they're nice and make life easier but we wouldn't die without them, I understand why we need to go to work etc. but why is it so serious and tight? I mean some people only see the profit, people as parts of the machine, if you have an "lazy" part you simply chance it etc.

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