Where has the time gone?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. my mate pointed somthing out yesterday, we were at the hut were we toke up and he pointed out that we'd been going there since we were like ten and that we'd been there thousands of times and how we couldn't remember all of them at all.

    then i noticed that i've got like 650 and i couldnt recall them without seeing them
  2. yup, time goes by fast, so make the best of what ya got. Don't be like me and sit on your ass most your life then wonder why your so damn depressed...
  3. I swear I know......it seems like when I was younger and wanted to grow up that time moved too damn slow for me. And now, each year that I get older, it seems to go faster and faster (except this past few months because everything has sucked).

    So I guess time only flies when you are having fun!!!!!! Peace and love to everyone!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The only prob with weed is that it effects your short term memory, and if you can't member going to the toke hut, you might not really ever remember cause weed does effect short term mem...Peace WG

  5. wow,thats been my life for the last 3 months lol.
    it'll be worse now cos the holiday is over so my mates are all moving on to higher education(for some reason lol) and im STILL appling to places for my appreintiship i been lookinh for 3 months and had 2 interveiws! it has suck and now with no1 to talk to it'll suck even more lol

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