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Where does your pot come from?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blunted, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Have u ever thought about where your pot actually comes from? Yea, maybe u grow it yourself and smoke your own weed, but me personally, i get it from a friend, who gets it from another guy who buys pounds and pounds off of yet another guy.

    It makes me wonder how long the chain goes on for, and where the shit was actually grown and harvested. Just sumthin' to think about i suppose...
  2. I wonder about that myself, sometimes...but I guess maybe I don't want to know where it comes from...might be scary :eek:
  3. Mine comes from a plant...
  4. i wonder about that evvvverytime i smoke. i wonder where the particular weed i have came from and how it got to where it is. :D wonder what the person that grew it was like..
  5. It comes from osama bin ladins secret terrorist garden, you guys helped 9/11....

    I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS, such bull shit...
  6. mainly canada..... or industrial warehouses with huge comercial grow set ups.....

    but thats generally where lots comes from..
  7. This guy grows the hydro and thats all i smoke...
  8. I only smoke my own,fuck the middle man
  9. Mine comes from my green house.. I don't support terrorist unless growing my own makes me a terrorist!
  10. I just very recently smoked shit that I actually knew where it as grown. First time this has happened I think. Hopefully I can get some more of that so I won't be supporting terrorism.
  11. I live in WA so most of the bud is grown in Canada. BC bud in the house.
  12. back when i could actually get Bud, most of it was homegrown (or at least UK grown ;)) but we did get alot from Amsterdamn (mainly via postal services ;D) and we got some from Asia (afgan, india etc) and some from various spots across australasia (oceana or whatever the fuck ya wanna call it) too.

    but them days are gone.

    bad health is harder to cope with.

    and all the crap I get now comes from morroco (probably about 95% of it).

    yucky soap bar kak. probably less than 30% cannabis in it.

    mmmm, dont ya just love smoking animal shit and coffee. :mad:

    hardly what i'd call a medicinal supply. ... but i shouldnt complain. i'm way down the list for recieving medical cannabis. theres all them folks with SERIOUS shit to deal with.

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