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Where does your bud come from?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ninjaballs, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. #1 Ninjaballs, Nov 15, 2011
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    I live about 30 minutes away from a big city, and a friend i met at college lives there, along with his connect who he gets it from. He buys ounces from his connect and then i come to his house and pick it up for the same price he paid. I told him i'd smoke him out whenever but hes always declined, mostly because he doesn't have time. He said since we get it so close to the source, the prices are better. its 360 for the dank, and here the going rate is 420 or more.

    Maybe he's getting better prices for giving his dealer the business, or he's just a really nice guy. Sometimes he gives it to me at college which is about 10 minutes closer to me for convenience. Also because i get 15 mpg in my shitty truck. The bud is a good deal better than my last dealers stuff, especially the taste, and he was charging 390 which is still a good price here, but he was going through half pounds so i was getting fucked. No telling how much money he made from me. He said we got really close friends, and i thought sort of maybe, but when i got a new connect he started ignoring all my calls. Aint that some shit? He was really popular in highschool and thinks hes the shit, but chillin with him was fucking boring because all he did was play call of duty. He doesnt smoke very often either.

    The current bud is blueberry kush and it was drivin down from canada, the stuff has come from colorado and some other places a few states away where it was grown illegally. Usually though it comes from dispensaries. So if bud is illegal where you live, where does it come from?

    I wish i could grow but i still live with my dad, so im not risking a felony on his property. I think its 2 years in jail to cultivate here, which is why the prices are so high. And i smoke an ounce in about 2 weeks, so i would save so much money if i could take a break. Perhaps enough to get a more efficient vehicle. ): i wish i could move to somewhere where its legal to grow, thats pretty much my goal in life. To grow weed for a living and sell to dispensaries, or have my own dispensary.
  2. I buy my bud from a guy 15 minutes away.

    a also know a guy 20 minutes away if i want some really good dank/headies. but i usually buy reggies, because its good, and cheap.
  3. two of my connections get their stuff from cali, one from chicago and a few locals. So I'm pretty set for the most part. When I buy more I go to the ones in the city, if it's just like a dub I'll get it local.
  4. da ground...
  5. colo, cali, oregon, and local grown.

    buds a plenty around here.
  6. My bud comes from about two blocks away from me, the percs of living in a little nor cal town.
  7. My bud comes from Bc, then to my hook up, and then to me, and then into my lungs
  8. Space. I get my bud from the moon
  9. Colorado and Oregon.
  10. my closet.... :p
  11. a plant in a an undisclosed location. sometimes a guy about 20 minutes away depending on harvest schedules.
  12. Used to be Down one flight of stairs. Now it comes to me
  13. from the great state of Cali.:)
  14. the dank i get could be from anywhere, not a clue where my dudes get it from

    i also get mids fairly often, same stuff all the time it comes initially in bricks, im guessing its from meheeco
  15. do me a favour Ninjaballs.

    stop writing bollocks on my visitor page when i don't know who you even are.

    fucking tit.
  16. Cali and Oregon. Always fire.
  17. All the weed I smoke is grown right here in Maine.

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