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Where does unexhaled smoke go?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HideYoChurren, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, question.

    -you take a massive hit, filling your lungs up to max capacity.

    -you exhale most of the smoke, but not ALL of it.

    please try to understand this for a second.

    your lungs still hold a little bit of air after you exhale.

    in order to COMPLETELY exhale EVERYTHING out of your lungs, youd have to forcefully push out as hard as you can (try it)

    normally, we dont exhale like this ^ we just blow out what we can and continue the next hit.

    but where does that little bit of smoke go that you didnt force out?

    does it just condense as tar? does it infuse with the next breath you take and get out that way?

    all im saying is, we inhale to our max capacity, but we dont exhale to our max capacity. if we did, it would get annoying sitting there and forcing every little bit of smoke out of ur lungs.

    where does that little 5% of the hit go that we dont force out?
  2. It just merges with the constant flow of fresh air, and is diluted repeatedly. (I would guess)
  3. that what i guessed. i figured it could either stay in ur lungs, or it comes out with the fresh air incoming and dilutes.

  4. smoke is just ash in gas form.

    it turns back into ash in your lungs.

    you become one with the THC


  5. everything is COLOR

    O_O :hippie:
  6. [quote name='"Senseless"']smoke is just ash in gas form.

    it turns back into ash in your lungs.

    you become one with the THC


  7. The first post explained it perfectly.
  8. residual volume - amount of volume in the lungs AT ALL TIMES that cannot be exhaled

  9. wow great pic djace it explains everything.

    im like studying this now ahaha thanks.

    residual volume - so there is air in ur lungs at all times? so then the smoke just mixes in with next breath and get expelled next?
  10. Straight to your thighs.

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