Where Does The Best Come From?

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Okay, guys, I just want to know where the best weed come from???

  2. My guess is Amsterdam...
  3. some dudes closet in Bermuda
  4. California. Period.
  5. minnesota grow room
  6. Hmmm, Really high grade shit is grown in Thailand. The strongest shit must be the Mr.Nice G-13 ( If you've seen American Beauty its the crazy shit on that) and I'm not too sure where that comes from but I'm guessing BC. The best hashish come from places like Afghanistan and Pakistan where theres factories devoted to making the purest hashish known to man, this shit makes nepelese temple ball seem like candyfloss
  7. well im sure the dank stuff we get all comes ferom random growers who then dealers go buy it in bulks and sale

    i know some shit comes from amsterdam tho
  8. Even though some hydro is mindblowing, I doubt homegrown could be as powerful as the shit imported, and it doesn't usually come from amsterdam, most of their shit is imported rather than grown as is most european countries when it comes to hashish, a fair amount of green is probably grown also but the best shit probably comes imported. Just because you can get the best shit in Amsterdam it doesn't mean its from there
  9. :smoking: Its too hard to pin-point, so i'd say..Anywhere in Canada :D haha!
  10. Hydro tastes like the chemicals it was grown in
  11. Ummm, I doubt that. Hydroponics can be grown with all the same ferts as just normal potted growths except water is used. Anyone that adds shady chemicals to their grow is an idiot
  12. yupp canada has the best bud... period. lol

    well... it might not be the 'best' but BC Bud is pretty kickass..
  13. The best weed is all around. Amsterdamn of course has some of the top notch stuff. But the most potent cannabis can be grown in any state of the US of A
  14. i agree, up here in northern cali!!. emerald triangle!!
  15. The best weed is that you've grown on your own. It's such a rewarding feeling to smoke something you've nursed and cared for for so long. :hello:
  16. Goverment weed, Cannabis clubs win
  17. haha... quit tripping everyone.... yall know I deliver the sickest dank known to man right from my backyard!!!!!

    i launder my money and run my service thru a fake lemonade stand in my front yard... and i gotz a magical forest in my backyard.... hahaha.........

    yah okay... now that i got that out of me..., this is kind of a dumb question, wheres GREAT pot EVERYHWERE... (usually.....) i doubt one place is all that noticably different than another... because when ur dealing with top quality, the difference wont be large... and by the time you've smoked even a few bowl packs... haha ud be too stoned to know hte different between 2 diff types of weed!
  18. best stuff grown is in either cali or amsterdam
    but i think amsterdam will have the best and most widest selection of bud though
  19. actually, i find that kinda disturbing. I understand the idea of having a long project finally come to fruition, but the way you worded that sounds vaugely like eating your young.
  20. best comes from The Hague :D

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