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where does marijuana grow naturally?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShinyTokin, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. cuz ive yet to walk outside and find it in my yard. ha.
  2. it grows naturally quite frequently..... problem is its either strictly hemp, or male plants pollinate the females, rendering them useless...
  3. I think in Mexico...?
  4. after picking out the seeds of a pollenated female my bud although not perfect is till very smokable and full of resin.....
    its more of the quality than the seededness
    i would say that if u found a female in the wild over seas it would be quite smokable
  5. Um...ok?That doesnt answer the question:p
  6. How does his answer not answer the question :confused:
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    Today Marijuana grows wild in many places,because people who smoke throw the seeds all over the place.

    This plant goes way back into history and is most certainly related to ancient agricultures .

    In Asia ,Africa,The middle east it was already used many thousands of years ago for cooking oil,to make sails,ropes,clothes,jute bags etc

    This is the reason it has so much negative propaganda today ,because it is the biggest competition to the synthetic fiber industry,and before that came out ,America and Mexico were the biggest `producers of Marijuana fiber.

    The plant also produces a variety of medicines for things like asthma or nervous disorders and of course the concentrated drug Hashish,the word assassin comes from this ,from the time before prince Babur .

    So it grows wild all over Africa ,Asia and the middle east.and anywhere elsewhere there have been users ,or where it is farmed.

    The plant grows in a great variety of climatic conditions.,and there are hundreds of varieties of Marijuana,with more hundreds of new hybrids that are bred especially for the drug.

    Other strains are especially for the fiber
  8. I'm not completely sure, but on my Grandpa's farm and all along the sides of the roads in Nebraska, it grows there naturally. Is it smoke-able? No clue, but I may try it.:smoking:
  9. where ever there good dirt
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  10. Whenever i find bag seeds i will collect them and when i travel i throw them and hope that they grow and someone will get to collect my buds to enjoy :smoke:
  11. Me and my friends lived in some dorms (2nd floor) we always smoked on our personal balcony. there was a pretty big tree that was right next to the building. One day we noticed that a small plant had grown next to that tree (needless to say it was marijuana), we thought it was pretty neat and one of my friends attempted to dig it out and raise it, it died within a week in his room. But we kind of expected that. so. anywhere? this was in Ft. Laudy
  12. I believe Marijuana originates in Asia major and minor, Africa and the Middle east.

    Kush comes from the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, thats were it gets its name.

    Do some research, Hoped this helped.
  13. lebanon


    andd AFGHANN!!
    (fun for the whole family)


  14. It can grow anywhere really, as long as the climate is moderately warm. After all, it is considered a "weed".
  15. All Cannabis orignially came from Antartica

  16. very wise indeed

  17. he's pretty much got it all.

    except in the new world it pretty much grows from mexi. to paraguay.

    and there's a cannabis ruderellis strain that grows thoughout northern europe.

    and by asia, they mean southern asia. there's pretty much a belt of cannabis that grows all the way from the easten mediiterranian to vietnam(there's a shit ton in the stan countries, india, the himalayas, se asia, and southern china.)

    and by africa they mean ALLLL over africa. sativas south of the sahara, and indicas north of it.

    the only continents that didn't have wild cannabis were austrailia and antartica.
  18. lol fun for the whole family.

    its probably not that potent. big ass plants tho!!

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