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Where does a soccer mom find a dealer? So frustrated...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krmee3311, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. I'm a 44-year-old mom who lives in a very small town in WI. I've only been smoking for two years & STILL can't find a reliable dealer. My last lead just dried up & I have nobody else to ask. I can't hang around outside a head shop or a college campus or anything like that because everyone here knows everyone else's business AND because a 44-year-old woman doing that would look really conspicuous. The last thing I need is to be arrested & have my entire extended family find out that I smoke pot. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to find a reliable dealer?
    Thanks in advance....
  2. Just ask somebody who comes directly out the headshop air ask somebody who works at a sonic or fast food who looks like a stoner. Most sonic employes are stoners cause of no drug test, and u just have to be ballsy and ask

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  3. Got any pictures soccer mom? And yes I am kidding about the pictures. Just go to a park and look for a group of kids hanging out then go up to them and demand that they all hand over there devils lettuce or you are going to tell there mothers. Now if this works you have two choices take the weed and leave or open the bag up and take a big wif and say boys this shit smells good got any for sale? Who knows this might work out for you. Good luck now about those pictures lol.

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  4. Ask the other parents at the soccer matches.
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    I feel your pain.
    I'm going thru something similar.  After a while I got desperate a couple times and would resort to just driving alongside some dude outside smoking a cigarette in front of a small bar, and say "Hey, excuse me!  I'm looking for some weed.  Do you know anybody?  I got three no's in a row b4 I decided to go back to the only dealer I have who, deals exclusively in mid-grade weed.
    try craigslist. theres many dealers on craigslist just waiting for potential buyers. maybe even sweeten the deal and offer them a bit on the side if u know what i mean.
  7. I'm not kidding

  8. This! There's no way that none of the parents get ripped before the game so they can tolerate sitting there watching soccer :p

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  9. Craigslist??? With my luck I'd get arrested!

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  10. nah ah, just post a personal. lots of young guys who have bud would love to smoke and get freaky with a soccer mom.
  11. Befriend young adults and teenagers.If they don't know you,they will probably think you want to get them arrested,to clean the streets-like most soccer moms- You can try hangig around campuses,parks,headshops,pool halls,but if you don't look the part expect to get turned down frequently.
  12. There has to be other moms smoking. I know for a fact there is! We just don't talk about it ;) just make some casual conversations with hints here and there and it'll happen.

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  13. ask people who work at fast food and bartenders
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    You could go down to a headshop and butter him up with your charm. Seriously though, I can see why that would be difficult since most younger kids would probably think you're an undercover. I would definitely ask some of the other parents at the soccer matches.
    You could also always go to an NA meeting. When it's your turn to introduce yourself, simply say your name and that you're a little shy an uncomfortable talking to the group just yet, and you would prefer if someone could talk to you outside after the meeting. DON'T state your intentions in front of the group. You will be asked to leave. Then when someone comes to talk to you, you can explain your situation.
    I hate to say it, but the fact that you're a woman definitely helps you out in this department. People (mostly men) will naturally (and usually subconsciously) go out of their way to help a woman in ways that they would be less inclined to do for another man, especially when doing favors like helping you find a hookup.

    Happy toking!

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  15. Ask your son :D ya never know. unless he's really young... then nmv
  16. how olds your kid if he is a teen 16+ish pull one of his friends aside when they are over and ask him about it
  17. Befriend young adults. I've been 25 years older than my last 3 connections. The first one turned me on to the other two.
    Put subtle hints out there. Pay attention to the subtle part of that. There may be someone you already know who smokes, who also like you needs to remain very low key about it.
    I'm close to your age, and I can relate.  If you can't find any young people that you can trust, it's going to be tough.  I grow my own; you might consider that if you own your home and can secure a room.  Otherwise, just keep your eyes open for people who are smokers.  They are easy to spot, usually...
  19. Are you an actual "soccer" mom? Or just a white suburban mom who drives an SUV and fits the trope?
    Try asking some of your really good friends. Say your kids friends brother was caught or something and get their opinions on it. If you can convince em to smoke maybe go out for a "girls night" and look for a connection a town or two over.
    My mom used to go to a camper on a ground in PA (I'm in Jersey). It was normal cuz she was going through a divorce and needed alone time. I recently found out her and her friends would get high up there. No one would have known, but she gave me a talk because I'm gonna need oral surgery, and she had a bad experience at my age mixing that with weed, and then I joked about it and she admitted it
  20. Ask the refs at your kids soccer game. 

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