Where do you want to visit before you die?

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    I honestly hate traveling, especially family vacations. They are probably the most expensive and painful period of time I can ever imagine.

    On that note here is a list of places I really want to see before I die.

    1. Russia
    2. Europe (Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Italy)
    3. China, and probably Japan, but I guess they are pretty much the same thing all ching chong wai pai type thing
    4. Australia - must do this
    5. Brazil
    6. Chile
    7. A safe white part of Africa
    8. New York (Preferably a one day visit, half of it spent at the airport)
    9. The Bahamas
    10. New Zealand (If I have time)
    11. Canada...on my way to Alaska
    12. Alaska! who doesn't like being able to legally own 2 ozs :D

    I've been fortunate enough to see the majority of the U.S. already, and most of it is very dull and boring. I really can't decide where I'd want to live here other than my home state or Colorado. The only part I haven't seen is the northeast coast, and who the hell wants to go there anyway?
  2. Wow i want to see russia, but i heard they're very strict there so you're ganna have to rethink that haha.
    But for me, i want to visit every state and make atleast 1 friend in each state. That's untop of my bucket list and ill begin my journey after i finish college.
  3. Las Vegas
    Mexico (I won't hear anyone say a bad word about the mexicans, they are some the god damn best people ever :love:)
    Japan.. my mate lives there and it just looks amazing :love: their culture is so god damn bang on
    Cambodia and Thailand. My friend went to all these places over a summer and taught english to very disadvantaged children in very rural areas. I was looking at the pictures and it looks amazing. These people literally have nothing, but they still have some of the most genuine smiles i've ever seen in my life.
  4. I want to die in Vegas, in some back alley on so many narcotics I think I'm in wonderland
    But places I want to go? I would like to visit everywhere if I had the money and time
  5. Everywhere, I wish my life could consist of just traveling the world.
    Ever since I was a kid I wanted to go to Europe or Canada though, while Im on the road I mine as well stop by all the other continents huh?
  6. Ireland. What's up Twee. Haha
  7. The Swiss Alps
  8. Japan, Ireland and Scotland.
  9. Drive or bike over and around Eastern Europe.
    Go on a trip all around Italy, Greece and the Med to see more cool ruins.
    Angkor Wat
    Hong Kong to see my school friends
    See more of the Maghreb, and go to Israel, I want to see some of the Biblical references in person.
  10. I've always wanted to visit Ireland and see where my mother's family hails from. Russia has always been interesting to me as well, I wouldn't mind seeing the Ural Mountains or perhaps Siberia.

    I'd like to do more traveling within the States and see the West Coast and then take a tripe up to Colorado and see the Rocky Mountains...I'm so broke though.

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