Where do you store your weed and piece?

Discussion in 'General' started by CrowClaw, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. When your not smoking where do you keep your shit. In a drawer,hiding spot,shoe box under the bed,or just on the table. i keep mine in my top drawer.
  2. same, top drawer in my bed.
  3. I dont keep weed i always smoke it
  4. I throw all my shit in a shoebox that goes on a shelf in my wardrobe or under my bed. I have a fair amount of shoes so it doesn't really look suspicious.
  5. i just leave it on the table, i live by myself. but i usually always have a backpack with misc wraps, papers, sneak a tokes..and n oil rig.
  6. Generally just a drawer, sometimes I'm high and I'll just leave it on the table or something.
  7. nowhere, since i don't blaze. but im no hater, blaze on my stoner friends!
  8. If it's in my room, the bottom shoebox. If it's in my car, in the trunk right under my spare tire.
  9. In my fucking pocket.
  10. In my house-desk drawer. Staying with my parents (i.e university holidays) stashed under a pile of clothes in a duffel bag to keep the smell down.
  11. My medicine cabinet.
  12. In a Tupperware container.
  13. Gunsafe....rob me n---a?

    Rob me?!
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    i'm really bad about leaving all my shit just sitting on my desk. :(

    not really a big deal, I suppose, but not too smart considering I live in an apartment and could have the landlord walk in at any time (although, I've been here and year now and she's only came in my apartment once after I called her about a broken heater).

    if i do put my jars away, it's just a cabinet in my tv stand. i very, very rarely put away my vaporizer. instead, i just put away the whip. to a non-smoker, i imagine most people would not know what da buddha is? maybe i'm wrong. but it doesn't look too incriminating, i think.
  15. Its usually close by.When its not its in a hope chest.
  16. I live with my parents...still lmao all I have to do is some chores everyone and then. My mom knows I smoke but my dad would freak, so I keep it locked in a wooden box!

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