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Where do you store your peices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ClownPrincess, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hey blades. I was just wondering, since I'm thinking of moving out of my studio to a 2-bed townhouse, where do you guys put your peices when you're not using them, or are away at work or whatever? Currently I have a little cabinet by my couch where I put my peices when I'm not using them, but I want a better set-up if I move somewhere!
    Are book shelves okay, or should they be stored in a locking metal cabinet type thing? I want to keep them in my gaming room, but I want to be able to hide them for when maintenence comes, or when I'm out of town, that will be safe. I don't like having them hidden in a place someone who might be snooping will work!
    I'd love to put up some shelves in the closet of my living room, and just keep them there unless I'm using them, but I don't know if that's hidden enough!

  2. I keep them in a cupboard in my bedroom out of the way so they don't get broken. But as far as putting up some shelves in your closet, I think that's a swell idea. :D
  3. Right now since I'm back home for the summer I only use one of my pieces ( which is a super tiny 3 in glass bong). I keep that in one of my sweatshirt pocket in my closet for easy access. My bigger (but still small) 10 in bong I keep in a shoebox with bubble wrap, my one hitter and spoon are in the good old classic ps2 spot.

    That's we're I keep it when I'm not using them all but, when i go back to my apartment when I'm back in school, probably be out in a cabinet or somewhere
  4. I have a stash box for spoons, papers grinder etc. The bongs sit out in the open.

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