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Where do you stash your weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PnP420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I usually stash mine in the bottom of a flashlight I have that's broken. Just took the batteries out.
  2. used to in a mason jar in a shoebox under my bed. mum just found it so now im getting a better jar and probably in my closet under a shitload of clothes...... u shuld get an airtight container tho
  3. one time i had an entire gram visible from my desk compartment that stunk up the whole room and no one in my family said anything about it until i smoked it and forgot to open the windows. still didn't get in trouble. usually don't hide my bud very good
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    inside a couple of mason jars, keep those inside a humidor that also has all my accessories with it...scale, spoon, dugout, assorted papers, a pack of glass screens, a lighter and some bee line

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  5. Lol that's funny. I stashed it on the top of the blades of my fan but I think the flashlights better. And I have my weed in an airtight baggy from I just put whatever I get in there
  6. Not to brag, but I think I have the best weed hiding spot ever! On the side of my closet the trim opens up and I hollowed it out one day (before I smoked weed when I was younger.) And there's a good amount of space approx 4inches wide by 3ft long and the opening is about 3in tall.. I can even hide pipes and a grinder in there. What makes it so great is that even if someone is LOOKING for my pot they'll never find it.
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    Can not even begin to picture what your talking about.. Or maybe it's because I'm stoned at 3 in the morning

    And for normal people just take out one your dresser drawers and there is about a 2 inch gap in the back where you can stash anything. Perfect for lighters eyedrops pill bottles or pipes...
    Just make sure it's not gonna smell. Best thing to do is if your smoking without permission is to make sure you have everything that could smell sealed off somehow. With homemade bongs i always used toilet paper and stuffed it in the holes of the bong to create a temporary seal. You wouldn't believe the difference.

  8. Lmfao I'm pretty high so it's quite possible that I'm just describing it horribly! :smoke: Mmm girl scout cookie weed is amazing!
  9. :eek: Are you insinuating that Girl Scouts sell the reggie you smoke?

    Dude. They sell dank.

    lol just joshin ya

    It wouldn't be stashing it if I told the internet.
  10. Under my pillow ^.^
  11. I have a stuffed animal I hide my stash in. I cut a hole in its stomach under its clothes and I can fit a pipe, weed, eyedrops, lighters etc.. In there. Then I throw it in the back of my closet
  12. Inside my computer case.
  13. i have a shelf that's filled to the top with movies and cd's and books n shit... well i have this ufc season 1 dvd box cover... holds like 7 dvds or whatever... took the dvds out and put my stash box in there, it has papers, a pipe, pill bottle full of weed, lighter some bars... the stash box is the ipod case u buy .. put it in the ufc box cover so it looks legit .... sorry if this doesn't make any sense, barred out of my mind and smoked like well lost count at 12 bowls ;)
  14. I keep everything in a Tupperware box and keep that in my safe that is about 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide. Don't have to worry about anybody finding my stash :)
  15. A safe in my closet, in a jar.

    edit: ding 400 posts :D
  16. A jar within a safe within a closet within a room within a house within a planet within an atmosphere within a solar system within a galaxy within a universe.


    stoned :L
  17. i put my weed in a mason jar behind all my folded pants... no one will ever find it
  18. In my drawer.
  19. My ceiling. The tiles are moveable

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