Where do you stash your weed when your on a drive

Discussion in 'General' started by GoldAdapter, May 27, 2009.

  1. Where do you stash youre weed when you do a pick up or something? I wear boxer breifs so i just stash a 2/8 in my pants. I'm always extra safe. when i'm out clubbin i tape a gram to my leg inside my pants. no cop is gonna fucking stick there hand around my sweaty sack, no matter how much it smells like smoke

    btw im drunk so bear with me...
  2. when im picking up small amounts, i usually stick it into a cut hole in my genes on top of my crotch. like you said... no cop is going to grab at my sack so he aint finding it. when i do get a car, it goes in the trunk in a (please.. dont judge) fake buttplug. YES, i said it. fake buttplug, unscrew it, pop ur weed in and screw it back on. no cop, in a million years is EVER going to touch a buttplug. especially if you act gay.
  3. whats a but plug??
  4. a sex toy used to penetrate the anus.
  5. Actually, depending on what model you have and what year it is, you can stash in in the vents pretty easily. I noticed this is fiarly easy to do in ford escapes and explorers becuase they vents are large and you could shove a decent bag in there and then close them and noone would ever find it.

    Another great plae is to get creative if your really worried about getting casught. You have to to hide the blood diamonds in a place that noone will find them but also easy to access too. Try putting the bag into a metal or tin box (like an altoids can) or something not noticeable and tape it under the drivers seat above the metal seat supporters and if a copper shines his light down there, the tin will just look like its a part of the car...and the driver can reach is hand down there and grab it easily if more weed is needed. :smoking:
  6. I just put it in my purse, sometimes in my bra if I'm feeling paranoid.. But from my own experience a cop isn't gonna search me unless I give them a reason to, so having it in my purse is usually fine.
  7. Put it in your gas cap! ive actually never done this but i would if i felt a lil paranoid or something
  8. You should put me in there....God i wish i was a girl i'd stash my shit in my bra like a pound of weed no one would notice :)

    BTW...for the but plug thing

  9. i dont think you know how much a pound of weed is....

    you cant stash that shit up your shirt, even if you were a girl.. but ofcourse it depends on density.
  10. Lol...i wish i had a pound of weed. I'l be like bubble boy and just light that shit up and choke inside my bubble cuz of the lack of oxygen,,,btw how did bubble boy breath in that thing?
  11. i got a secret poccet i made .
    i can fight like 2 dubs in my pants n i been searched more then 10 times in my life n i always had weed in the poccet

    i cant tell u were.but trust me.if u knew.u would do it.
    ima give u a hint"its in every jean behind the zipper n u have to cut in it to make it open"
  12. nice nice, i don't think i could grab 2 buds in that small pocket when im drunk though.
  13. I put that shit in my boots I'm not gonna risk it any other way. I know they can't search my shoes unless they perform a strip search which ain't gonna happen.
  14. i do the same thing man. i know EXACTLY where your talking about, i pretty much made one on every pair of jeans i have...

    and dude, if your so worried about getting busted, just dont travel with weed. in my mind thats a cardinal rule. i only go outside with weed when im picking up a fresh bag. if somebody tells you "yo, bring out some nug, we might smoke later" just tell them your not tryin to or your dry. just bring cash and pickup while ur out, or get them to come to your place and smoke.
  15. I gota do pick ups plus theres nothing better then a smelly ball sack of weed baggie.
  16. i usually put some in this glass lookin thingy that usually ends up in my lap.

    then my car smells like marijuana and i don't know why....
  17. what if you got pulled over man....just remember if you get pulled over and i cop askes you to step out of the car, lock all your doors. or they get dogs on that shit. trust me i know my buddy had the problem
  18. A secret spot in my car.

    Easy to get to by me, but if you don't know it's there, good luck finding it.

  19. i know i wasnt the only one :p

    i have sooo many locations and ideas but i won't put them on here so that police officers may increase on their knowledge of their conquest into a drug users mind :confused: brrr
  20. I just put it in my pocket usually. When I travel to other places in California though I stick it in my center council and sometimes my trunk.

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