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where do you stash your green?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DamnxSarah, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. When you're on the go, where do you put your stash so its less noticable.

    I've heard of some people who have put it in hairspray bottles or hallowed out axe cans.

    If its creative, how did you do it?

    I'm looking for new ways to bring my green but something that looks normal d:
  2. I've never really had to hide my stash, so I usually use mason jar, pill bottle or 420jar if I'm feeling classy, and keep it in a drawer. There's been times when I've used hallow parts of amplifiers, speakers, stuffed animals, axe cans, hollowed books, safes, locking chests, etc. If you want to be real OG, use a chrome briefcase.
  3. Get some deoderant, take the stick out, put your weed under it, put the stick back in. Works like a charm every time.
  4. Use an empty ibprofain bottle, its what I usually do
  5. In a cup on my dresser, I'm from the school of thought that the best place is in the open. Plus it doesnt hurt that I don't have to hide it.
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    Some good places I've heard of over the years. Bold is recommended.

    Take out the bottom drawer of a dresser, stash on the floor, put the drawer back in.
    Tape to the back of a drawer.
    Inside a pillow that no one uses.
    Cut a slit in the side of your mattress and stuff in there.
    Inside a cd player.
    Take out the hard-drive of a ps2 and there should be a bit of room in there. (Not recommended because so many people use it.)
    Inside battery compartments of various electronics.
    Stuffed animal that has a hat or a pocket in it, or a zipper.
    Under a trash can or lamp.
    Make or buy a stash can, out of axe, or a soda can.
    Video game cases. (Not much space, can't store a pipe and could squish bud.

    Hide it in a room that people don't use very often. In my house, there's a family room and a living room, and no one uses the family room, and it's decorated with vases and a couch, and you can easily hide it in one of the pillows or inside a vase.
    Basements are also good, tape it to the bottom of the stairs, be creative!
  7. Put it in a jar or zip lock bag, then drop it in a box of bbs hidden under something else like clothes or something, works like a charm.
  8. [quote name='"oncloudnine"']Get some deoderant, take the stick out, put your weed under it, put the stick back in. Works like a charm every time.[/quote]

    I hate that i cant add rep on mobile app this is a great idea

    To add when i use to deal i would keep in a stash coke can. Cops know about these! So i would have a case of coke in my car all the time keep a couple stash jars mixed in so its less likely to get searched and if it did they had a 2 in 12 chance to pick the right one and i never keep it near the plastic tare
  9. I also keep it packed in mt bong hah. Sorry i didnt edit my last post for some reason if i hit ed it it will log me out
  10. This is an excellent idea, it gets rid of the weed smell. Also, don't forget to keep your weed in a bag when doing this. ;)
  11. Pill bottle and in a travel bag with my other smoking stuff
  12. I put my weed in my computer. in my tower. i can maybe fit a quarter pound in the bitch
  13. creative you say ?... how about stashing it in your vibrator and then hiding that in you vagina ! haha

  14. didn't even chuckle :|
  15. [quote name='"McLovn"']

    didn't even chuckle :|[/quote]

    maybe your not high enough, maybe it was a bad joke, maybe it was both.. either way we will never know why girls dont stash things in their vaginas..
  16. I have my own house, so I'll just throw my weed wherever ide like.

    If I'm out and about, in my pocket ;)

  17. On the go as in like if you were at a concert or on the go like portable when you're heading to have a session at a friend's? I'm assuming you don't want it to smell real bad too?

    Dugout and one hitter is the best for a quick sneak if you're at a park or concert or something. For a road trip or a session with friends I use either a small mushroom shaped glass jar or a prescription pill bottle. Then I stick that in this plastic tuppaware thing I got at the Container Store to keep the smell at bay. I also have my lighter in the pocket on my pipe bag. All of that, plus a paper clip, all goes into the plastic container. If it's liquid proof it should be able to keep most of the smell in.

    Mason jars are also excellent for storing bud around the house.
  18. Mason Jars in my Office.

    Tylenol Bottle with Grind MJ

    ... In the spices Jars (Oregano, Parsley, etc.), I have some EMERGENCY BUDS for the past 1 year and half. Just in case, lol !
  19. My "Nightmare Before Christmas" VHS case.

  20. My old roommate and I had some hidden in sealed food saver bags. We called it our "zombie weed" since, you know, if the world ended with zombies there aren't going to be a whole lot of growers still supplying, except for themselves. So you gotta have a stash around until you get the hang of it!

    And have a little extra weed than normal since you know, there will be fucking ZOMBIES trying nom nom on your juicy, delicious, braaaaiinnnnnsss! Talk about stress.

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