Where do you stand?

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  1. Took one of these tests back in Highschool...

    Was dead on Libertarian.

  2. Where did you fall on the economic axis?
  3. Communist/Anarchist

    Apparently I'm closest to the Dalai Lama.
  4. Take a diagonal line toward the middle and im a little less left and down from OP. Yay for libertarian collectivism!
  5. Boo.


    Libertarianism and leftism are incompatible, as long as I'm still alive. I'll never consent to someone taking my property and redistributing it. If they want to do it anyway, they'll have to use force or threat of force. Libertarians can't do that.
  6. I was in the middle of the green quadrant, between the Left and Libertarian.
  7. Keep that mind closed until it happens and you willingly step away from what you own.
  8. If people willingly step away from what they own, that's not leftism to me. Leftism is when the government takes stuff from me by force to provide for the public good.

    To the extent that a goverment isn't meddling with the economy or people's social lives using force, that government is a libertarian and rightist government.

    The question of left/right economics isn't about whether people should share with each other and be collectivist. It's about whether the government should force people to share with each other and be collectivist.
  9. Im close to Ghandi! haha

  10. How about interpersonal collectivism and libertarian republicanism?
  11. That's fine, but I really think you're misplaced on the chart. Liberal vs. conservative is about the role of government, not about what society should be like.
  12. I really try not to define my views haha. It's so hard to box free thinking up. Really, I'm not just trying to be difficult, but I think an unnamed system ("existence" is perhaps the best possible name) is most accurate since I think in images rather than words, and concepts rather than definitions.
  13. im closest to Nelson Mandela :hello:

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