Where do you smoke?

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    So I got this new room this weekend, and I started moving my shit in. I still have to clean out the other half of it, and I might build another room out of the storage room next to it that leads to the bathroom, but here it is; This is where I smoke.




    Not the best of pictures and I just finally got it clean enough to see the floors, but I plan to get a T.v. to put back there, a computer, a poker table and a few lounge chairs, haha. It shall be a sweet room. I also love blacklights, so seeing how the ceilings bare, I was gonna buy abunch of blacklight posters and nail them to the ceiling, then get a bulk order of blacklights and attach them to the perimiter of my room.

    So my question is, where do you smoke?

    Is it outdoors, a room like this? or what?

    I would have the picture of all the blacklights I have right now lit up, but those were taken on a picture phone, so yeah. Also it wasn't my phone that took them, so I didn't take any pics of my pieces :[, Perhaps when I get a camera and revise teh room some more I'll re-take some pictures.
  2. Outdoors man,go into the woods if you're near any.
  3. haha I usually just spark up in my room.
    might open a window if im feeling ninja

    cannot be bothered being subtle these days with pot,
  4. I got some of them too across the street, and if I'm ever with my dad, we go to PA to our lodge up there for huntin' season, great spot. Take some pictures of your woods :]. We need chairs at our smoke spot in the woods for sure.

    take a pic :p
  5. Okay!
    im bored enough, so why not.

    here's my battle station then?
    Cant see the window where all the magic goes down, but there's my entertainment :D

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  6. here.

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  7. Nice, lots of entertainment. Nice hookah aswell.
  8. Sorry man, don't got a camera,:( but I'll try to get someone to bring one. Chairs would be a good idea, I never even thought of bringing any out,
  9. Thanks,
    I like your room too.

    Nice spotting, I thought everyone would notice the fruit loops first or giant diglet before that :p
  10. lmfao, just re-looked didn't even notice before. I guess I just look for all the smoking devices possible now-a-days, haha.
  11. Find a couch someone threw out, and try and sneak it down to your spot, maybe put a tarp over it. that'd be dope.
  12. i smoke out in my dorm room. :smoke:
  13. These are some spots I blaze sometimes.
    I just remembered I had these.

    Ah there would usually be a beautiful young glass bong in their but due to police molestation.. etc etc

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  14. [​IMG]

    Not that exact bed but..you get the idea.

    Except blunts n joints..I don't like my room smellin like smoke all the time.
  15. damn, you must live in flordia or something, that spots sweet. you were molested by police iwth your glass piece?
  16. Man you gotta check those, I had an uncle who picked up a couch on the side of the road with a free sign on it and when he brought it home and took the cushions out there were snakes! But I don't think a couch would be plausible where I smoke. And there are some natural seats (Boulders and stumps and fallen trees) that I just sit on.
  17. Try new zealand :p

    well long story short, home got raided and it got taken, amongst other things

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