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Where do YOU smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. I live with my parents cuz im still in high school.... hopefully only one more year... so i really can't smoke too much in my house without being yelled at. I usually smoke in cars or at my friends house where his parents dont care. So where do the rest of ya'll smoke?
  2. my basement, room, friends house, car, ANYWHERE the oppurtunity comes up!
  3. im still at home to... god i need some money to get the hell out of here.... not too much longet tho, o yam, that thread, i usualy smoke outside, even during the winter, been outside for like 2 hours in shorts n a t shirt when it was like below freezing, that sucked.... but when not outside, usualy downstairs, dont really matter to me...
  4. In my basement, most of all. Other than that, in my car, at parks, on the lake, and other peoples houses.. Thats almost everywhere for me :D
  5. In my room near the window.

    When no one's home I sit on the edge of my bath tub to get a sauna effect.

    Alleys (big city)

    Outside my school (school was out for the summer...)


    Those are the only places I've ever smoked.
  6. basement. the place is gooked up but damn i hate livin with the folks. waiting for the future roomies to finish school so we can move and be out. only 4 months to go, .....
  7. right in the living room on the coach.
    I own A house with budd smoking roomies.
  8. basically anywhere i want to.....

    if im out in public, im just Dl about it...
  9. I used to go out on the deck and smoke when the 'rents weren't home or when they were asleep. I'd hotbox friends' cars (cuz they already reeked of weed) and sometimes I'd smoke by myself in my car (I kept a bottle of febreze in there and have an ozone generator and I always ride with the windows down). I'd smoke in friends' houses and with friends' parents. I'd smoke in the woods, at the lake, in the park, or anywhere else the mood struck me.
  10. Anyplace is fine,you got the herbals i got the bong and time.
  11. anywhere i get a chance to and it's relatively a) private or b) desolate

  12. that's the attitude we likes to see :D
  13. just about everywhere. except in bars, i could get thrown out and banned. and that isn't such a good idea. outside bars though, great after a couple of beers :)
  14. I smoke any were mate and i mean any were iam smokin in the front computer room at the mo everyone is asleep iam only 18 but in australia that is the legal age for everything so yeah cya
  15. In the house whenever i get a different places, in bushes, in parks, very nice toke after a few beers.
  16. anywhere in the sun! i love to smoke in the sun! makes me feel so chied which makes me think im way more stoned :D i love it.

    benches at the park, aslong as theres no little kids around. im not down with blazing infront of the youngins.

    otherwise ill hotbox my truck or just smoke on the couch.
  17. I was recently tokin on the back sidewalk with some fellows I met at a Motel 6. One of them was a paraplegic and claimed to be a tele- evangelist. It was VERY COOL! A few people passed by and walked in the grass because we were blocking the sidewalk, but hey- They gave a real thumbs-up look that there was this guy in a wheel chair and three happy tokin friends.
  18. ill smoke anywhere pretty much. Most my smokin gets done in my livin room though, that and my car are the two spots i do the majority of my smokin at.
  19. For me its my room or garage or frineds houses or cars etc

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