where do you shop?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rabidcat, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Where do all the blades shop for clothes? why do you prefer your choice?

    I shop anywhere really, I just don't give a fuck anymore. I used to be really stubborn and want to shop at the buckle and luckies and shit like that...PAC sun American eagle what have you.

    So today was the first time at old navy for a long time and I got some clothes. Cool story right? I think I'm going to stop at goodwill and pick up some shirts with family reunion pictures.
  2. I don't really shop for clothes. My cousin has tons of clothes and when he buys more he just gives his old clothes to me.
  3. Salvation Army or Kohls.

    I'm taking a break from setting foot in a salvation army for a while though....after serving 30 hours of community service it's a bit much. They don't treat their workers that well, especially the community service people..
  4. Abercrombie for jeans, old navy for mad v necks.. Macy's for t shirts and boxers and whatnot. Journeys for shoes.. Wish I had more $ to shop
  5. I mostly just wear band shirts because I'm too lazy/broke to buy nicer clothes. So I just buy them offline. Even if I had money to spend on clothes, I would buy it at thrift stores and salvation army because I'm too cheap for nice shit. haha
  6. Wal-Mart, Goodwill, Spencer's clearance rack for some cool cheap T-shirts. Clothes are clothes, they all keep you warm and your ass covered, no sense in paying a lot. I always get Levis jeans though, comfortable and last a long time.
  7. online because my town sucks ass....ccs, skatewarehouse, tillys, hollister

  8. Spencer's the porn shop?
  9. Walmart's.

    I'm always dressed in jeans and tee-shirts unless I'm going to a wedding or funeral, both of which I avoid if at all possible.

    If I take a female out to dinner or something similar I might wear a collared shirt.
  10. Journey's for shoes, usually. Pac Sun and Abercrombie for pants, and Old Navy for most other stuff. the shirt underneath my buttonshirt is usually a band shirt. Once in a blue moon, Banana Republic for their sales rack, but we don't have one nearby anyway.

    I will admit though, I sometimes go into Brooks Brothers and try on their fancy blazers. It probably annoys the hell out of them for me to keep coming in, putting on a jacket, then taking it off while whispering "Someday...".
  11. online because i can find shit they dont sell in stores so im not wearing the same crap as everyone else.
  12. I get my sneakers at villa
    i get my shirts at the outlets i dont wear the same brand so im not about to make a list lol
    i get jeans at american eagle but theyre picey so ill only get a pair or2 then get mostly levis
    my boxers socks and white teas i get at kmart
    and i usually get some shit from the thrift store, yesterday i got a pair of american eagle swim trunks for 3 fuckin dollars!

  13. Spencers isnt a porn shop. They do sell some sex stuff though.

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