Where do you purchase for supplements?

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  1. Like the title says, where do you purchase your supplements?


    about how much do you spend a month on supplements? Go ahead and toss in what you purchase as well.

    I'll start. I did my first purchase with dpsnutrtion.net and for this month I spent about $170 on about 5 supplements w shipping . I think I wouldve spent closer to $300 at a local nutrition and supplement store if I were to do the same transaction.

  2. Went to that site and I didnt find everything I wanted. I have been recommended bb.com many times & I know they are legit.

    GNC? haha, my gold card has been one of the worst investments i have made when shopping for supplements.
  3. Swansonvitamins.com

    They usually have a bunch of 5 dollar coupons as well.
  4. bodybuilding.com

    they have EVERYTHING and its all in nice categories for your goals
  5. GNC is a good place to go if you know what you want and you have money to spend. But the clerks will try to sell you an item with the highest commission rate, which is usually an expensive product. This is why most people shit on GNC. But I still bought my $65 protein mix there that will be gone in 3 weeks.

    Wal-Mart carries a brand called Body Fortress (AKA Budget Fortress) that is very inexpensive and effective. It is pretty much the same thing as the other brands, just cheaper and less flashy.

    Protip: Buy Creatine capsules (I use AMP 189 GNC brand). You will thank me later. It is so much easier to take instead of mixing in a drink and it takes less of a toll on your organs (or so I've heard)

    Or you can buy your stuff online if you want. It's more convenient and there is a wider variety.
  6. Spending hundreds of dollars on supplements isn't unheard of... But it's really not necessary. If you shopped around you could get everything you need from $50-$100... The brand costs more than the product.

  7. Why would creatine capsules take less of a toll on your organs than creatine powder? You know it's creatine powder inside of the capsules right?.....

    Creatine doesn't take any kind of "toll" on any organs either.
  8. I get all of mine from Vitamin Shoppe for pretty cheap. My aunt works there and uses her employee discount to get whatever I need

  9. I believe you have to take somewhere between 5 - 10 capsules just to equal the usual serving of 5 grams of powder.
  10. bodybuilding.com/store
  11. Wrong. Just take two and it's a 5g serving of creatine.

  12. Each pill contains about 1.25 g of creatine monohydrate so thats 4 pills. If you a person were to do a loading phase then they would need to take at least 8 pills a day.

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