Where do you meet girls/guys?

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  1. havent seen a thread like this. so where do you blades meet your women/men? how do you start a conversation with them?

    i usually meet girls at partys, but latly partys have been way too fucked up. too many peoples idea of a good time is ruining some one elses night. and i dont really like drinking any more, your get too fucked up, and if im looking for a girlfriend, i dont want to get to know them while there drunk as fuck lol.

    schools a good place too, i guess...there just not enough time to talk lol

    EDIT: fuck is this in the wrong place?
  2. Yea iv found th best places to be school but u just gotta put in that extra effortt uknow? but yea its a good place to meet a lot of girls. If you dont give a fuck the younger ones will usually go for older guys?

    Partys and maybe even Bars is probably the best bet. Just hang around with your friends they'll kno where da tail at for sure. sry im really drunk right now:)
  3. usually through friends who wanna fuck em... than for some reason im dick and i rob them of that chance... ima dick
  4. This is a good question because I have no idea where I could go to meet girls. If I were still in High School then I'm sure that I could find somebody to date but I dropped out. I guess the mall? That is the only place I can think of other than the bar or a party someplace. I'm not old enough to step foot into a bar and I never make myself go to the mall. But then again I'm not sure if the mall is the right place to meet a girl or not but hey...you never know.
  5. shows like hardcore small venues, afterlife which is a club everyone rolls at, and my friends house, and my bestfriend hooks me up with girls from plano every once in awhile.
  6. Everyone I know is someone I met through someone in high school. Basically I made all my friends in hs. And I usually meet new people through them. Parties are a good place too.
  7. yeah but how do you approach a girl at the mall :p

    at partys i just ask if they wanna smoke a joint lol, and if they dont..i ask more girls :p
  8. Fuck dude if I knew where the real hoes at then I'd be in heaven....

    But all whores are bitches and all girls are whores. Ya feel?
  9. its soooo easy to pick up girls at the bar IF you have some game and know how to spit it :cool:
  10. That depends on what you're going for,

    If you want to get laid and have game, bars for sure, girls there are begging for a guy to come along who will be suave enough to slide right between their legs. The reason you must have game is because girls feel like whores if they blatantly choose to have sex with a man. They want to feel charmed into spreading their legs, that way they can justify to themselves that it was meant to be, or that you conned them, or any one of a billion other lame ass reasons.

    If you want a relationship, meet girls at a place that coincides with your interests or pursuits in life.

    If you are a health freak, meet girls at a gym.

    If you are into the arts, meet them at museums, theatres or concerts.

  11. hahaha, so true. ive been in wayyyy too many long ass relationships for my age, im just looking to fuck for a while :p lmfao im 18 and ive had a 2 and a half year relationship, a nine monther, and a three monther lol. and pretty much on after another, so i really dont want a girlfriend lmfao

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