Where do you live? Do you like it there?

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. I was just curious as to where everyone lives, and whether you like it or not? What's cool about it? What makes it suck donkey balls?

    I live in a town called Aldershot, just outside of London in the UK. The only good thing about it is that weed is readily available, and I get great stuff for low prices. Apart from that it's a real cunt of a town. Full of horrible people, and if I want to go shopping, I have to take a half hour drive to Guildford.

  2. I live in Bumfuck, Kansas and it sucks ass. I just got out of the Marines last year and was stationed in Hawaii so you can imagine the change.
  3. I live in a shitty town in kansas called mcpherson it blows for many reasons...1. all the chicks around here are crank hores..2. Lots of ppl sell swag buds claiming it to be kind
  4. Bumfuck?????

    Hahaha!!! No you don't! Surely everyone would know that their town was named after anal sex??? Hahaha!!!!!!
  5. so did you re download that shit and un zip the update the right way?
  6. Actually its Topeka, Kansas. Glad to see another Kansan here. Fuckin crank is big around here isn't it? Ever try it? I did and screw that business. That shit will make you stupid.

    Hey D9 whats London like? I plan on going to graduate school there next year after I graduated.
  7. Sheffiled, Yorkshire, UK.

    and Yes.

    I wouldn't say I don't want to move away but because I am centre of the UK, I am close to many places kinda. The nearest international is Manchester and only 60 minutes away. So yes, I like it here for the geo-graphical position mainly. :)
  8. oh yea we have lots of crank in kansas #3 crank capitol of the world
  9. I think London is a really cool city. Great for everything, and I recommend coming here if you don't mind a little pollution... erk... I'm going to University in East London in '03 when I've finished school.

    And weed'll be legal soon. Booyah.
  10. More like decriminalized right? I'm looking into the English Literary Research program at Birkbeck. Maybe I'll go for my doctorate who knows.
  11. It's already de-criminalized. But within 3 to 5 years, it'll be legal. Less and less police are making arrests. They didn't even stop me using my bong in a park. :D
  12. Eugene, Oregon USA.

    I love this city.

    Medical Marijuana....lenient cops who smoke as well....it just surpassed humboldt county with more marijuana per capita.....hippies everywhere.....clean air....plenty of recreational activities....sexy mamas....an hour from the ocean....and hour from the cascade mountain range.....nestled at the southern end of the fertile willamette valley....its eden baby EDEN!

    Hey BTW...Ive heard that london doesn't have an official downtown....can someone from the UK confirm this?
  13. What do you mean by a "downtown"?
  14. los angeles california, its ok. but theres lots of shitheads

  15. most cities have a city center, which is where you'll find the financial/business district etc. you know..its where cities generally have their tall buildings and what not all in one dense place...downtown
  16. I live in the middle of nowhere in a town named Pineville in southern WV. Actually the paper and news call this town "Pillville" which is what is truly is. The town has more bad points than good. A majority of the people around here are true, redneck mountain people who don't believe in bathing or marrying outside of thier family. Yuck, its sad but true. And when I found out that in the state of wv, it is legal to have sex with an animal if its over 30lbs, I really wanted to move far, far way and fast!!!!!!!!!
  17. Oh, right, I know what you mean. I did this in geography, only I learned different names.

    Basically, London is only the small town right in the centre. I've never actually been there, but it's only big houses and a cathedral and other stuff. Then, there's Greater London which is surrounds the little bit, and is made up of hundreds of other towns. Some of them are mainly a CBD (Central Business District). Some of them are just like, dense housing areas and so on.

    It's not just one huge city, with one CBD and one huge downtown, and one huge industrial area. Haha... like in GTA2.... lol!

  18. Hahahaha!!! That's fucking sick! I bet there's a little house where they make movies too. And then a warehouse where they ship them ALL over the world.... hahaha! I'm so sorry for you man. :p
  19. thanks for the info thc...never knew that.

    So the population of london, is that just the small center town or the whole greater area including the buroughs? because london is said to be something like 6 or 7 million....
  20. the population is 7m and includes greater london.

    the uk has just under 6o million so it has it's fair share.

    and I gave you those figures without doubling them ;)

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