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Where do you keep your weed when your outside?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by seriusme, May 11, 2010.

  1. Where do you keep your weed when your walking outside do you just put it in your pocket? your wallet? or in a dick pouch? i usually put it in my sock cuz im paranoid just curiouse I wanna know if im overly paranoid
  2. just in my pocket lol
  3. I usually leave it at my house, where I can smoke peacefully and quietly with no worries. If I decide to carry something I use this neat little invention called a 'pocket'.
  4. I dont always have a place to smoke at, cant smoke at home and im a little hesitant to hold ganj in my pocket since I get randomly stopped and searched for "matching a description"
  5. Pocket, and goes into my pants (underwear) if I'm getting searched. I've been stopped and searched probably 8 times in 2010 already for 'meeting a description'.
  6. OK, where the fuck are you hanging out where you get stopped and searched THAT often to be paranoid about it?

    Stop hanging out at airports and police stations already. :D
  7. Arizona, maybe?
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    I have a secret pocket cut into the inside of all of my jeans, right behind where the zipper is. I don't blame OP for being worried either. Many cops will empty your pockets entirely during a street pat-down, claiming that they are searching for weapons. Legally they can take anything hard out of your pocket that might be a weapon, but many cops empty the entire pocket. Even if this is happens, which would make it illegal, we all know that a lot of judges rule in favor of the police officer who made up a story rather than the person caught with weed who might be telling the truth.
  9. I used to have pants with a secret pocket, out grew them though.

    I just keep it in my pocket now, no point putting it in sock because if a cop for whatever reason is coming to you it's easier to toss from a pocket than reach in a sock. They will find whatever is in your sock anyways.
  10. if im travelling i usually keep mine in little nick/dime bags and tuck'em under my underwears waist ban, if i get pulled over or searched its easy just 2 shake it n have it fall down 2 yer ballsac (i wear boxer briefs, i dont think this'll work with actual boxers since it might fall through and end up in your pants leg/on the floor) but its always worked for me :smoking:
  11. When I was real young I thought I was the smartest motherfucker to keep my shit in my socks. That was until one day a cop was patting us down, he couldn't find shit. Another cop pulled up and told the other cop to check our shoes and socks right away. I didn't have shit on me, but that's when I knew:eek:

    But now I keep it in my anus.
  12. I usually use my pocket
  13. I keep a bag in the toe box of my shoe if its not a long walk. But pre rolled joints go in a little pouch, then my front pocket
  14. Well... If I'm going out with a joint I'll throw it inside something that will keep it from breaking. Used to be a plastic cone used for rolling cones, until I stepped on it.

    However, anything more than a joint and it goes into my hollow book and thrown aside in my car.

    Rarely do i walk distances with my stash... not out of paranoia... I just have a vehicle to get me places, and friends with houses/apartments we can smoke at.

    Also, I've never been searched but I voluntarily gave up 3grams when I was told I'd be searched. For that reason I always break my purchases up in two, and stash them separately.
  15. usually pocket, if its a sketchy situation in my sock.
  16. i put dime bag in a little carmax tin about the size of a stack of quauters makes a great stealthy stash spot
  17. what about those shoes with a secret stash pocket under the tongue? is that even a good idea or can cops look in your shoes?
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    I cut a hole in the tongue of my shoe and took some of the fluff out, fits a nice bag, When im not carrying anything its easy to just stick the fluff back in. Ofc. I didnt do it to a nice new pair.

    EDIT: Wow AK, didnt even know they made shoes like that lol.
  19. Usually my sweater pocket or my waistband if im paranoid. When i'm camping i got a jacket i wear with pockets on the inside.
  20. I keep all of my shit in my pant baskets at all times except when I'm sleeping... No one is going to steal my shit yo. :bongin:

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