where do you keep your stash in your car?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazinredneck, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. couldnt find a spot to post this but was curious what yall do when you have your stash in your car and you're traveling? glove compartment,center console,pocket,under your seat,etc? i can fit some in the back of my old walkie talkie where the batteries should go in sealed baggies. put it in my glove compartment and i'm good to go.then put my bowl if i have it on me in a ciggeratte box.working on a spot for that at the moment.but here's what i got..how about yall?

  2. In the anus. That's the only option. Jk I don't even have a car but your idea seems good

  3. haha not gonna lie..if i had to i would haha.told my girlfriend that and we both agree we'd be shovin that shit up there LOL. but yeah i've had friends in the car and none of them suspected a thing.i told them i use it for emergency,haha.yeaaaa emergency all right..:D
  4. Anywhere. I have a medical card for ms.
  5. Behind the back seat of my truck along the firewall theres a panel of carpet you can take off. Only put stuff in there that could get me in a lot of trouble :devious: otherwise I just put it in the overhead consel, I can take a panel off and stash it inside the panel itself.
  6. like i'm telling you :rolleyes: COPCOPCOP


  7. i have to agree, i got the same thing and i was thinking about doing that the other day...

  8. haha i'd be rubbin it in too if i lived in colorado
  9. In my hand...in the form of a joint
  10. also if you or anyone yall know that dips tobacco,clean that shit out and just put it in there
  11. i put it in my overhead light, i take the cover off and stash a few joints there. no one would ever think to look there
  12. nowhere, i dont drive around with bud
  13. In my pocket. I don't give cops a reason to search me, especially when I'm....

    *riding dirty*
  14. up your ass.....why do u have a confederate flag? i aint saying anything else. take care.
  15. :poke:
  16. Smells like bacon
  17. For people so concerned about police they sure do post up a lot of information. Not saying this guy is a cop or even that police need a weed forum to find new stash spots but damn, why give unwarranted information.
  18. Inside my Progressive insurance box ;)
  19. bottom of a chip bag in a cooler if i got weight. most of the time i dont care and just put it in my center console.
  20. what's with the hostility? and i have the confederate flag because i like it. i have an ancestor that fought in the civil war for VA and it's a lifestyle i enjoy. idk where you're from or who taught you about that flag but there's no hatred coming from it. you need to chill the fuck out

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