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Where do you keep your pieces?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TDWPfan111, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Where do you keep your bongs, grinders, pipes, chillums, vapors, and stash?

    I keep my 8 inch bong in a camera case in my grinder, bud, small one hitter and small glass pipe in a wooden stash box, also in my closet.

    I have various papers around my room to lay the broken up weed while smoking.
  2. in the back of the bottom drawer of my desk in a binoculars case. Ive got a spoon, a bowl, a J roller, all my tools for clearing my pieces (safety pins and such), and a thing where I'm saving my stems.
  3. i keep my glass pipe inside of a stash i half built by cutting a tiny slit in the padding where you lift the carpet up
  4. I keep my stuff all over the place, grinder and herb in a custom hollowed out 1200 page version of The Lord of the Rings (done by a friend of mine) piece kept inside a secret compartment in my motorcycle helmet that i never use (have a different one i use) papers in my dresser drawer under 900000 pairs of socks...
  5. where ever i please. on my desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, dinner table...

    it's nice not living at home with mommy or daddy :)

  6. Hello, I'm in your boat. It sure is nice. :wave:
  7. I keep all my pieces in a locked safe. Works GREAT AND IS FIRE RESISTANT!!!
  8. out in the open for the world to see.
    i only hide my plants. in my closet.
    peices can be moved and hid a hell of a lot easier than a 5 foot plant.
  9. i keep everything in a cigar box on my dresser.
  10. i live at my moms house and keep my bongs out on my table, and my glass pipes under a towel, next to the bongs. The towel is used to keep dust free, not to hide the,m

    i show my mom my new piece everytime i get one.:hello:
  11. i keep my stash and all my gear in a wooden box siting on my desk and my big bongs behind it and my spoons next to them.
  12. I keep my pieces in a cabinet.

    My scale, stash, and other accessories in a box on the table.

    It's a puzzle box, but it's never locked, because it doesn't really need to be... :smoke:
  13. i wish i could find my fucking pipe. lol
  14. Wrapped in bubble wrap and inside random shoes, I have dozens of them.
  15. ive been seeing alot of your posts and you know what? i dont think that the disclaimer in your sig is true.especially when you say things like "my plants".i think you have been lying to us all and you do smoke very misleading.
  16. aww man,forgot to quote the message i replied to,that was to holyxxcrapp
  17. I keep mine in the kitchen cabinets. One for bongs, and one for smaller devices.
  18. iive been keeping my stash in a shoe box of mine in a closet.....very well sealed

  19. haha, i lived at home and still just threw my stuff everywhere. its nice living AT home with parents that smoke lol.
  20. Under my fishtank, on my shelf. Scattered throughout my room...

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