Where do you hide your stash?

Discussion in 'General' started by ZombieHigh, Aug 2, 2011.

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  2. that's awesome haha.

    got a stash spot in my truck. otherwise I don't need to hide it.
  3. A little cardboard box that once held dog clipper blades. The box is in a bigger box with other dog clipping stuff. It blends in but it's in plain sight. [But I can smell it when I get within about 6 ft. That superbud shit I got last week stinks right through the plastic and the cardboard sure don't stop it. A sniffer dog could locate it from the next town.]
  4. In a pillow on my bed. It's not a hiding place, it's just where I remember where it is.
  5. I don't need to hide it, I KEEP it in a clear thick glass jar with one of the metal closing clasp things, so its airtight. Holds about a half ounce give or take...I had a second jar but while cleaning it I dropped it and it shattered....cheap shit, going to buy another one soon since they're only $2-3.

    In my opinion no use to hide it, if cops come you are going to be fucked.
  6. well i dont really hide it for cops, more like the fam.... I usually dont have alot on me so the bolt should be good!
  7. I keep everything in some old cell phone box that I keep in my nightstand by my bed. It's not "hidden", because my mom is cool with it.. But yeah, that's where it's at
  8. yea my mom dont care either usually just around my room
  9. OP: Those don't work unfortunatley.

    Cops no all about them. How do I know. first hand experience.
  10. ouch. Sounds like a bad night
  11. I keep mine in a clear jar that can hold an ounce on my table in my living room. You gotta love having your own apartment, get to smoke and do whatever the fuck you want in their.
  12. I keep my stash right above my upper lip, tis sexy
  13. I keep mine in a smell proof container in my backpack.
  14. The place I use to hide very small amounts of weed from my family is in a hollow metal tube which constructs my acoustic guitar stand. There's a cap on both ends of the tube which you can take off and put shit inside. It works pretty good lol
  15. I keep all my stuff (including my mflb) in a planters mixed nut jar.
  16. In my lungsss
  17. lol I just double bag it and throw it under the computer.
  18. i keep everything it alittle plastic tub. and just stick it in the night stand next to my bed.
  19. in a room with a lock pretty much a paraphernalia room that and my toolbox
  20. A few mason jars under the nightstand to the side of my bed, but I really don't try to hide it it's just easy access by putting everything there.

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