Where do you guys light up in Washington

Discussion in 'General' started by smokemanybowls, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. i live in bellevue and am lookin for some new toke spots from some people with more experience with the area ive lived here for all my life but just recently started smoking usually in my house and car and random urban places but i do know that this is the most beautifically scenic places in the world and need some help guys pics and places
  2. um yeah, I dont think people are going to tell you exactly where they smoke. You might not be the 'stoner' you say you are. Just sayin...:wave:
  3. I visit some family in Washington and Deception pass is quite beautiful. A bit of a trip from where you live but nice none the less
  4. lookin down from Beacon Hill in Seattle is nice


    and p.s. Bellevue is not Seattle, your perpetratin :(
  5. naw dude im no fuckin pig im just lookin for some scenic views for a good toke man but i get where your comin from and can see where this might be a bit sketch

    and i love deception pass been there a few times tho it is a trip maybe on a weekend trip
  6. DAMN! That water is beautiful, and that highway is cool as shit, looks like Washington is on my to-do list.
  7. you dont even know the half of it
  8. S. Tacoma bro, in my house! haha
  9. here in steilacoom i just take a walk with my joints, always on a nature trail, some people in washington complain about all of the rain but i look around at our wonderful and beautiful forests, and never hate on the rain..
    i really really love washington.
  10. I live in south Seattle and toking down by Seward Park/Lake Washington is always fun.

  11. Yea i can't imagine living anywhere else, Northwest till the day i die:smoke:
  12. yea dude i dont mind the rain it just makes the air smell good then ill make it smell better with the smell of some dank

    wheres seward park and are they chill there are there alot of ppl
  13. you closer to the lake or rainier kalec?

    there's a fair amount of people walking around seward park, especially on the bottom since it is a non-car road many "walkers" use. but go up into the park's hill/center and there is many a nice spot.
  14. Im new to the north west but so far its badass, love the rain and snow. Coming from AZ is a big difference...
  15. Seward Park is pretty popular but depending on the time of day and location it should be fine its a pretty big park. Just scope out the area first, and don't go after park hours cops patrol through and wait by the exit. But there are plenty of places all along the lake that you could smoke at. Its also fun to go kayaking and just smoke when your out in the middle of the lake. Seward park is pretty deep south.
  16. i think my moms car got broken into at seward park a few years back stole her laptop and such might be wrong

  17. Its the truth. And Smokemanybowls, dont forget about the beauty of your downstairs neighbors :wave:
  18. Lake, i could drive to seward park in about 1-2 minutes.

    Yea there are a lot of walkers but there are some nice little beach areas that are pretty far off the path. And then there is the hill//center part.
  19. I can never forget the great state of oregon ive been to shoreline and i loved it the wind and the ocean pretty Badass have you ever been to hood canal cause i completely forgot about them in terms of epic PNW smoke locations its just a long canal that runs up and has forests and beach around it really nice
  20. nice dude, I am seriously like a 4-6 minute bike ride from the lake/seward park myself :wave:

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