where do you guys in sf California find cheap shwag or mexi brick weed

Discussion in 'General' started by scumfuck, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I wish i could find some of that stuff people in other states get for $30 an ounce. the stuff thats a little brown and has seeds. seems like it would be perfect for big joints, baking, ect. because the chronic out here fucks me up too much, need something more mellow. I am a legitamate medical patient. would like to hear if anyone in cali has had any luck finding any of this mexi brick shwag, because in other states it seems like thats all they can get, and over here, i can find the dankest weed in the world but i can't find cheap brick bud anywhere. it sucks.
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  8. hey guys, he said he's a medical patient and it's legal to buy it here. OP, depending upon your area of the Bay there's plenty of dispensaries that carry leafier untrimmed bud-fronds that you can buy for as little as 10$ per 4 grams. it's good stuff, you can use the trimmings and stem for baking/tinctures and the bud itself is smooth, gets you medicated but not F'd up. far from brick weed, and just a bit pricier but it's the closest thing I would assume to fulfill your needs. I know that overwhelming feeling of some of the medicine out here in SF, if you ask at different shops they will usually have cheaper, mellower weed. there's a few websites that show listings of dispensaries' menus to check before making a trip just check it out :smoke:

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  11. he has good stuff, its all green and smelly.
  12. thanks jimmuhcat haven't seen anything like that at the dispensaries ive been to. the closest thing ive seen to what your describing is trim and shake, i usually just go to san pablo because they have this stuff called el bueno, thats basically good brick weed for $15 an 8th, but that gets expensive for bud that was probably only $200 a pound. you know? id much rather find what your talkin about. that sounds like exactly what i need because i get way too high off the regular bud around here and i can't function, I need something that medicates me without making it so i can hardly move or think straight.
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  14. Have you tried explaining that to the employees at the dispensaries? I'm sure they would be happy to suggest something to you.

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