where do you guys get your avatars?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by probola, Mar 18, 2004.

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  1. where can i get a good avatar? is there a website you guys go to?
  2. i searched forever for mine. i finally seen one i liked and have had it ever since. i love mine;)
  3. hahaha, i usually just google image search for mine.

    find something, go into paint or whatever, resize it to under 75x75 pixels, upload it, and bingo! personal style ;)

  4. i like your avatar\'s :D *bats eyelashes* LOL :D

    Edit: mine took me forever to make i had to cut the guy out then recolor the backrounds like 9 times then put em all into a gif file and then make sure the size was right cause it was twice as big as it shood have been... i dun remember how i fixed it but w/e its working now and i think its cool.... Id make you one but your gonna have to give me something to work off of
  5. I\'ve made my own a couple of times, but I went back to this one a couple of months ago. Digit made it for me.
  6. mine is tribal

    ancient tribal avatar
  7. you talking to me?
  8. i drew mine, then photoshopped it to make the colours like they are.
  9. made it in psp to match my sig i made...
  10. My just matches my name. Scarface is my favorite movie. I would like to change the backround from black to green and have it say Budface.

    peace out,
  11. random internet serching, i had another freakazoid one before, and i serched for that to get this one. first one i found by fluke, and remembered it lol.
  12. Ballericons.com nuff said. :D
  13. i draws it all by muh self!

  14. what is it ment to be? or is like my drawings where the title and picture work together to create the image u need to see, but u can also see wat you want?
  15. i took a picture of myself. :D

    fuckit. i know. ;)

    hi LEO! see me smiling? :p

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