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where do you go?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by I love canabis, May 14, 2011.

  1. I love boxin my car and I love driving, so it's only natural they normally go hand and hand. My favorite place to go are back mountain roads and on the mtn its self. But driving and smoking help we calm down after a long day, what are your favorite roads you drive on rides and what type of cars you got. I drive a blue wrx and love curvey and gravel roads
  2. i park at a carwash, in a stall that faces a wall or a fence or something. so i dont get... bothered.
  3. Hotboxing is always fun (whether it be in a car or in a home), probably my favorite way to smoke because NONE of the smoke goes to waste if done properly. The times I've been most high is from hotboxing.

    I also enjoy just sitting in my room toking with friends or by myself. It's always relaxing smoking a few bowls and watching TV in the security of your own home. There's no better feeling than being high and not paranoid, I love coziness when I'm high.

    The outdoors are awesome too, I like smoking blunts/joints outside. If I'm inside I prefer pipes, if I'm outside I like smokin a joint or a blunt.
  4. Smoke & Drives on the freeway are my favorite.
  5. [ame=]YouTube - NIGHT AT ROXBURY - WHERE DO YOU GO.avi[/ame]

    video related. i mostly smoke in my bedroom or living room, at a friends house, or in the car.
  6. Outside in nature. Love it. So peaceful. I get too lead footed when I drive on fun twisty roads. I have a blue 95 civic hatch I play around with.
  7. i love hotboxing my car and smokin in forests and stuff
  8. I feel you on the mountain drives and anybody who smokes in the great outdoors. My regular blazing spot is in a house attic.
  9. I try to avoid public use as much as possible, but will smoke rolls in public no problem. It's when you have paraphanelia that you can't get rid of without the cop seeing you that gets you caught, I've heard too many stories.

    i mostly like to go on my balcony

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