Where do you go when you first go to grasscity?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 13, 2002.


Where do *YOU* go?

  1. prrrrrrrrrrrivate. mmmm....

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  2. Shop the City!

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  3. the Forum..

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  4. Active Threads..!

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  5. Stats!

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  1. I Just wanted to say, NORM, I was hella happy babe, when you filled the first new thread page up!!! and I only can model myself in the footsteps of someone who I admire so dearly and (lol, i was gonna say passionatily)(I still will, why not?!?!) lol :p but! I have accomplished the task, the first new post page, i have, (having dipsonmania and the infomous I.A) filled the page with , I HOPE isnt just jargon to me, but some kinda insight to you all into, well, ME..OK...enough about this..
    ENOUGH about you...lets talk about ME...
    but norm has done this before, ironically right before I thought I was thinking I maybe could...so here I am. and now what? i have no clue. thanks all.

    ah, enjoy the reading. Im no J.D. Salinger.
  2. active threads as well.....Peace out....Sid
  3. i go to the forum i love this site so much
  4. sweet i dont remember posting this. hahaa. thanks all!
  5. I read your post and couldn't understand why everyone kept saying "active threads" but then after several minutes of not getting it, I finally got it after I reread the thread title.

    So...active threads, it is!!!!! Well, it is after I look to see who's here.

  6. ditto
  7. Was this a poll when I posted? I sure don't remember it being a poll. Has it ALWAYS been a poll, or am i crazy?
  8. you are crasy but it has nothing to do with the poll on this post.....
  9. HIGH All, O.F.F.F. to the Seasoned Tokers soon as I hit the City.
    Then it's O.F.F.F. to check All the pics that were posted and then to see how everyone's plants are doing..

  10. Oh...ok!!! :)
  11. recreational use
  12. I always hit up the active threads first. Then if I have some time, I try to browse all the old posts as well. Great way to learn!!
  13. Where do i go first???????? I have no clue........it just depends. But I'm stoned right now and my 2 brain cells cant remember anything. I'll get back to you when I can remember!!!!!!!! LOL
  14. Since I'm still new here, I usually just wander around like a lost puppy, for the first half hour or so.
  15. My two braincells are arguing wether i should light up another one or not. They both pretty much agree that it's a good idea, but they both know that if i do, one of 'em is gonna get whacked, leaving only one of them to enjoy the ride...
  16. ...I visit the forum first naturally... and in this order

    - Seasoned (hell I'm almost 30 smoking for 10 years now)
    - General
    - Humour
    - um, I forget...

    Although i read a lot of the posts, I don't post much. Usually much to stoned to be able to carry a thought, much less typing :)
  17. Where do I go when I get to Grasscity.............Overgrow of course.hehe just funnin ya..as far as you know.

  18. nice to hear. good. at least someone is thinkin around here..i think..
  19. i go to active threads first then i just jump all over the place reading and rereading lol!

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