Where do you go if you die in a trip?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, May 21, 2003.


a fun little poll besides the main topic...

  1. Digit, you've had one trip too many... you've gona a wee bit west of reality!

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  2. wow, i want to have some experiences to rival that in my next/first trip!

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  3. Halucinogenic and psychotropic substances are dangerous and have no "educational" value watsoever!

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  4. Lets all welcome a new dawn of scientific exploration to mainstream scientific research... Cosmic e

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  1. after much deliberating from my last two trips, and from a vision i had of my death long ago (without the aid of any halucinogens), i have come to the conclusion that i want to die whils tripping.

    i think this will (or rather, could) increase the probability that consiousness will find a way to move on beyond the physical realm and be able to explore space and time completely uninhibited. we might already be able to achieve this without mushrooms, but from my experiences from the last two trips i've had (one where i explored death itself then then distant galaxies and solar systems, and the more recent where, there was no conotations of death at all, but, i felt my consciousness moving beyond, which is as best i can describe it), i now believe in the possability that during a trip one could achieve pure consciousness, and a non-coporeal, "ethereal" state, free to explore without the confines we know of in our universe (gravity, temperature, pressure etc).

    and yes... i have just realised the severe lack of full stops there. try reading it ignoring the stuff in brackets if its too much of a head fuck, i dont want to edit it incase i loose what i was trying to say.

    strangely enough the vision i had long ago about my death was when i was tripping on something. could this be a sign or omen? i dont believe in such signs as such, but would be interested to hear what you all have to say.
    what do you think happens when we die tripping? will this hold any bearing on our "afterlife" should you believe in such a thing? Like that old hippie scientist believes, do you think we can explore the universe using lsd and floatation tanks? Do we really open up other realms to our consciousness? is it all chemicals in our heads?

    please, discuss...
  2. Digit to tell you the truth im too drunk and tired to fully absorb all that was said. But I do agree with you on one thing, I want to die while tripping as well.
  3. You know those video games like Doom, Quake, etc. that have secret levels? Well, if you die stoned, you go to a secret heaven for stoners... and you get a health bonus of 100 points.


    The Rev
  4. Don't know about tripping or such but I had this weird "near death" experience, I had done speed for a couple of days and had lived not so virtuous life for some week or an half and was in my friends house and the all went to bar, I didn't want to go or was too tired to go. So I was there all alone and don't remember much of what happened expect the euphoric feeling of "nothingnes", like there was nothing in me anymore, no thoughts, no life just nothing, everything was black and I was kind of released from everything. I woke up the next morning and everybody were like "are you Ok?," It turned out that when they had come back from the bar I had been lying on the floor sweating a lot and hadn't shown any sights of "life" well they had tested my pulse and it had been very slow and the breathing had been very slow and heavy. They had almost called an ambulance but then the pulse had started to gain speed and the "normal" colour of my skin had started coming back etc.... on the morning I felt little exhausted and sad........
  5. Near death experiences are the shit...Thats what ketamine is for:)
  6. you are aware at the moments that feel like minutes, the longest minutes of the last few of your life,please please god just let this strobe light seizure take my eyes to the back of my head, please let me be okay. ill come around. please let this only be a push of my limits in this life of hell because I know, I know, that the beauty and flowing serenity the bliss thats to come to us when we pass is true...I may not be dying, but dammit to hell make it stop. make it stop...we can all laugh about it later. will I have to worry about teeth then? lol...
  7. haha lol..... digit you have a very wide imagination.... :)
  8. 6 feet under

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