Where do you go for news?

Discussion in 'General' started by ReturnFire333, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Looking to expand my sources of fair(ly) unbiased credible news, currently I use Reuters and the Asia Times. Any other good websites?

  2. The news is garbage. However if you want real stories of real things that happen around the world check out Vice.
  3. I can't wait until they start their daily news channel
  4. Don't watch news but I'd have to say........facebook is my only source lol and grasscity

    Don't watch news, never have, might watch some here and there soon but I doubt I will ever turn on a new channel. Not even when I wake up early in the morning. I may not know anything from not watching it but shit, I'll probably hear about the most important stories from friends or work or even facebook.
  5. bloomberg terminal
  6. I usually listen to NPR in the mornings.
  7. The Young Turks
  8. Vice, GC lol, twitter, listen to a couple of podcasts, i dont really look for news tho, so depressing all the timme.

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  9. In England, al jalzera is ok for news on the Middle East. All the crap you hear is non relevant on bbc news like the French presidents affair... Who gives a fuck tell me what's going on in the world!
    still better than american news.
    we report on justin bieber 24/7.
  11. I know what you mean dude they try to pump you full of useless news, keeps the nation dumb and stops them coming to conclusions.
  12. For shit that is actually relevant to me (like the weather) I watch local news on tv and view the local newspaper websites. For entertainment I look at CNN, FOX, CNBC websites and what not and read the comments left by readers. It's frightening how fucking stupid the majority of people are.
  13. Good luck with that. "The News" what a concept. What a hoot it has become. The nightly news decided to run commercials in the days or yore and that was the real game changer and that started the unraveling of "The News". Anytime you add outside money to an entity like the news, it will eventually crumble. Money begins to shape and manipulate situations. Look around, there are but a few big corporations that have gone around and gobbled nearly all the stations. TV and radio. Now that presents a whole new set of ways to fuck up a broadcast and bolster agenda's NOT good for society. I stopped actively pursuing the news quite few years ago.
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    Alot of you guys are saying "watch" news, of course news on television is garbage. I'm talking real news sources online.
    I'm not looking for "the news" I'm looking for news sources, not mainstream garbage.
  17. I combine Russia Today with Al Jazeera with American partisan shit and internet distortions, rumors, and innuendo and finally come up with something that doesn't resemble reality at all.
    I'm "informed"! [​IMG]
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    You can always go to reddit. Com/r/worldnews gives u a really Goodfront page of everything that going on in the world that's actually important
  19. Al Jazera English is alright, as is BBC. Not great, but its a start.
    However, you are the best off going to the source for information. For example, if you see how there is controversy about a new bill, then go online and try to find it. Read it yourself, come to your own conclusions.
    You will want to read more than listening, since stations like MSNBC, Fox, Daily Show, Young Turks, podcasts, etc, are more commentary than news reporting. Its much better to read than listen to stupid people shove opinions on you.
    You are going to have to be a detective if you want to actually learn. 
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    I use a multitude of news feed apps..
    Flipbook, Feedly etc get all my middle east news from Twitter and Al Jazeera and generally pop on some NPR in the morning whilst still in bed
    Its nice with the News feed apps cause i may get a lot of the biased shit as well as the non biased but i get the same news from enough sources to piece together the honest story rather than one persons opinions 
    I really like Reuters though. Theyre fucking quick lol 

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