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Where do you get your weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Namynam, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. hey, all you older smokers who dont grow, where do you all get your weed from?

    I know how getting hookups work when youre in HS and shit, but i always wondered where you guys got shit from. For some reason i think it would be different. Im probably wrong but im still wondering.
  2. I'm only 18 but it's not that hard to figure out...first of all it's not like older people never meet new people, right? Sometimes when you meet new people they sell weed, that's how it goes. Also, like most people who smoke weed they probably have friends who smoke, too. Most older people actually just get their weed from some friend.
    While there's just not as many older smokers are out there, you seem to forget that they've had a lot more time to meet smokers/dealers. Their connections are probably also a lot more reliable than yours since they may have known them their whole life. See, now that wasn't so hard to figure out, was it?
  3. i get it from the guy in 307

  4. If your referring to people aged 20 to 50 as "older" then you are very wrong. There are MUCH more adults that smoke then there are "younger folk." High School kids aren't trafficing it into the country. HS kids aren't growing it in mass quantities. HS kids are not reaping the hundreds of millions of dollars the drug industry makes every year.

    I never buy from kids. Ever. The majority of people I get from are from 40 to 60 years old. These are the people with the great shit. They been around smoking so long they know where the good shit is at. Not saying that younger people don't get good shit, but its been my experience that the bud I get from them is lower quality.

    But you are right about our connections being much more reliable.
  5. there's a group of kids a couple streets away that deal together. most were asses but one kid was pretty cool. recently they let their "friend" sell to me who ripped me off. i told them ill just stop buying. my brother has a bunch of friends who deal and give good deals, so ive been getting from them recently.
  6. lots of dealer friends, lots of stoner friends. when one of us has we usually just blaze together. so out of about 10 stoners someone has to be carrying. if not, take a trip and buy off your dealer friends.
  7. i get my weed from good friends, and sometimes if it comes down to it, friends of friends. my dealer is 19, and i love the weed he gets. fuzzy fluffy sugary buds for 50 and 8th.... .usually the 8ths are about 4.5-5 grams
  8. I buy bud at parties usually. I ask any random person that seems like they might be able to help. Usually I can find. Actually, I'm almost out and I'm going to a party later... gotta secure some buddah!
  9. none of your buisiness, i dont bother
  10. im not allowed to say........fuckers.......
  11. i buy from this guy who has a nice out-of-place house in teh ghetto. wierd wierd guy.... but of all my friends, im the only one who knows this guy and id like to keep it that way so i can flip it to them.
  12. my dealers... met them through friends, and one time asking peeps comin outta jack in the box this guy hooked us up with an 8th.. it was cronic
  13. Ill buy from whoever is selling haha I just wanna see it weighed and preferably smoke a bowl of it before I buy

  14. By "older" I mean about 35 and older. If you are trying to say that more of those people smoke weed than college/high school students you are dead wrong...I know a lot of them smoke but the older somebody is the more they tend to have been raised to think pot is bad...well excepting the recent ads targeted at kids hehe. Even though they have been around the block a bit, there are still tons and tons of older people who think weed (or any drug) is evl.
  15. Also I've talked about the weed in my town (Eugene, OR) a lot, but trust me around here the younger people probably have a lot better weed than your average pot-smoking parent.
  16. wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... i know a guy who knows these guys who were in the joint with this guy who was this other guys half cousin on his mothers sisters husbands ex wifes brothers side and he knew a guy that died but before he died he introduced me to these two guys that knew somebody that hoooooooooks me up and in return i promise not to kick him in the face realy $140........but thats my problem............
  17. in my experience, (i am only 18, so i don't have too much) the adults in my area only get middies. the adults i have sold bud to have always been amazed at the quality of what i get, but it's just regular KB to me and my friends... older people always say that its the youth who have the great bud... but i guess it depends on where you are
  18. everyone around here, sells, buys, smokes, or is a middle man. we jusst burn. but i will say the grocery store...

  19. Forget the hippies? If you're 30-35 now, theres a possibility you were born into a hippie family. 40's, good chance you grew up wanting to be a hippie, and experiemented with drugs as a teenager. 50+ very good chance you were/are a hippie. The old folk know how to toke. Now... 30-80, thats 5 generations of potential smokers. 13-29, generation and then a few years. It's pretty safe to assume theres A LOT of adults who smoke. Also safe to assume they smoke a large percentage of the herb in the states. Not saying 30 is nessiceryly old, but when its a good time to settle down, get married and have kids... you're gettin there.
  20. im only 19 and i respect my elder smokers. well, not all of em' but even i know that the real senior smokers r the ones us younger people dont know. y would they relate with the likes of us, i mean c'mon. fame is not something that goes well with selling weed. thats something u learn from expierience. i had to go threw 2 people of family for this hook-up called the "old man". he sold all kinds of good shit all the time. the best was this really resinating black widow. VERY tasty. ne way, the best stuff comes from the older generation. and dont blame the older generation for thinkin pot is evl or for starting the war on drugs, some of ur class mates..(u know the ones who dont smoke and think their "perfect") r ur future enemy.

    the war doesnt die with our elders...its just getting started. shoot to kill.

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