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Where do you do your tokin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokedout, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. I've noticed that most people have their favorite places to get high. My personal favorite is while driving around little country backroads. (I live in Kentucky) So, what's your favorite location?
  2. My favorite place is this park drive up a small road from the back end of the park and it takes you up to the top of "Skinner's Butte", its one of those awsome "make out points" that you always see in movies and stuff, it looks out over the southern end of downtown..its beautiful... And the best part is that nobody cares if youre out in the open smoking up there, because thats what everyone is doing..or theyre drinking, or doing something else illegal...
  3. wherever is good. anywhere i'm not likely to get busted... but even then i didn't seem to mind.

    woah! totally forgot my favorite place... Rog's bedroom... it's the trippiest place in the world... can't explain it, it's just something that u gotta experience to understand.
  4. my FAVORITE place OUTSIDE? jammin' concerts @ the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.

    Otherwise, I'm most likely inside while toking. Not one to take risks, did all that BEFORE and quit going on drives/etc before I learned any lessons the hard way. I just like bein' at home, I have really started to enjoy cooking while baked. Anyone else? The food ends up taking its own path and so many new things have been made by me because my creativity juices flow while I am stoned. So.. I'm a homebody stoner, but it's safe and I can cook a mean philly cheese steak :D!
  5. Anywhere I feel totally safe and I won't get busted. Outside when it's nice is preferred :) But I do love hot boxing cars. :D
  6. id have to say in the close by highschool softball dugout

    good times, good times
  7. sergy10 ~be careful~ around schools! if you get busted too close to a school's campus you could actually violate more laws, and end up being charged heftier fines/longer time depending on the charges.
    just be careful!
  8. my friends car driving around nyc


    my bathroom! love smoking there :D
  9. at home is by far the best. no chance of being caught, not that anybody's watching here. actually, i should say, the cops aren't watching. it's everybody else you have to watch because this place is the rumor capital of the world (if you live in a small town, you know what i mean). i don't smoke in public as a rule. you don't need your "rep" ruined cause you're stupid. lol

    out in the boat is my other place. no one but you, your buddy and the birds. just sitting around toking and fishing. who could ask for anything more?
  10. I dont have a spot where i smoke, after i pickup i usually walk 5 minutes into some direction and smoke there!
  11. i go down a backroad and pull over to the side of the road,and theres a path that leads back to a traintrack bridge.a buncha my friends and i go there periodically and smoke,theres a stream that runs under the bridge,fish jump all the time so its a REALLY peaceful place to smoke

    my other spot i like smoking,is in my boxing the shit outta it.
  12. My favorite place to smoke is this island in the middle of this Marsh near my house. Its incredibly peaceful, and you see hundreds of amazing birds. There is even an osprey nest with little ones. Another great thing about the island is if you yell you get amazing echoes. It truly is a great place, but right now its just too damn hot to be outside (I live in Connecticut and the humidity is a killer).
  13. my fave place to smoke is at my cousins house and thats where i buy my weed so it works out pertty good. I'm a indoors person i like to smoke in my living room and stay away from people. I smoke just about anywhere it doesn't really matter, i like smoking while driving but thats too risky i try not to do that too often.
  14. We smoke in the garage. We've laid carpet, couple of chairs, table, stero etc. Works well!

    Before the arrival of our son we used to smoke in the living room. But I've got used to having a smoke free house. Besides I always laugh to loud or want the music louder, if i was inside I'd wake the baby up!

    Hey ganjaplish, I love cooking after a session. And once it's it's in the oven or whatever I'll sneak another quick smoke in. Evening Ritual!!
  15. my favorite has to be my room smoking on my bed blowing it out nmy window next woudl be my friends room or his garage then probably my car driving around and last but not least i love smoking outside on a picnic table at anight

  16. i do. i know. oh boy do i know.
  17. I always try to smoke outside....I live at home with my parents (20 y/o) so at home is not an option.....driving around country back roads is usually the norm......or at a dead end street at the end of the Hamilton airport runway
  18. i just chill and watch tv and blaze

    we also smoke in my friends garage and in the woods at night is a fucking trip

  19. I smoke in my room at night but durin the day i chill with my friends and smoke at this one spot like a 5 minute walk away

    the cops are assholes in my town they'll arrest you for being outside after 12:00 unless your driving
  20. my favorite spot would probably be in my room after my parents go to sleep
    my second favorite spot is in my bathroom right before jumping into a nice hot shower

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