where do you budz hide your weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by green4bud, May 22, 2006.

  1. I need good ideas for in the house.

    I also need ideas about where to hide it when the police pull me over.
  2. In the house, just in the desk. But if u need to hide it, under the carpet, ducttaped in vents of under ledges, or outside of your window even, back of the PS2, taken apart computer, inside house speakers, under your bed, in the floor boards, in the roof.

    and in the car, Engine bay, tied to something, or i removed my fuse box in the engine bay, and tahts my new hiding place, never seem to check up there lol. I used to hide weed in the vents, was perfect, till i got caught. THen i created a place in my trunk under all the carpeting i could hide it, ive also hidden it behind hub caps, n my old truck, i locked it in with my gas tank, it had a key to get into it.
  3. those are good ideas

    a idea i discovered the other day was running a metal file in the crevice of a coin tray of the central consule (near my auto shifter)That tray just pops out and voila lots and lots of room
  4. just put in a locked compartment. They would need a warrent to check it.
  5. unless they get a drug dog to "freek"

    then they have probable cause to break into that compartment, unless you help them unlock it
  6. my boss told me he went through a checkpoint and the drug dog did not detect the weed in his jar of peanut butter..

  7. I hide my weed in the 43029208970239 threads like this.
  8. shopping a candle in half, then hollowin it out stuffing weed inside

    then melt back together and viola ......airtight, dog proof...then stuff it in a big jar of peanut butter
  9. Then put the jar of Peanut Butter in a Big Coffee can for extra security. :p

    Great hiding spot in the house is your computer like Nush said, if you have a nice case where the side panel slides off with ease then you are in luck...Definitely use it. Pretty much any electronics you have that are broken or you want to take apart and gut work well for hiding. (old tv, receiver, speakers, gameboy)
  10. i hide my weed in my lungs
  11. That old fat book grandma got you for Christmas? Take a shape knife and cut out a square in the center of the pages to put stuff in.
  12. I have a keyboard holder thing on my desk and i can pull it out or push it back in when i'm not using it. I put my pipe and my weed behind the very back corner behind my keyboard. I'm always in my computer room so nobody will really ever find it and whenever i leave the house i usually bring my pipe and weed along too..... i hide my cigarettes IN my subwoofer
  13. -inside of the deoderant after you take the stuff out, then stick the weed in and twist everything back on.
    -if you dont have that much, even the weed throughout the baggy and put it inside of an older cd case.
    -if you have a bunch of shoes, stick it in the toe of one you never use.
    -if you have an acoustic guitar, you can put it inside
    -if your a girl and carry it in ur purse, put it inside of an old compact mirror
  14. In A Slit On The Side Of My Bed
  15. drug dogs cant smell it inside a jar of peanut butter....
  16. a safe...
  17. I took apart three diffrent phones and an alarm clock and still haven't found a spot big enough even hold a corn cob pipe.
  18. If u have a cat like i do, the scratching post opens up and has space for like 4 pounds of weed. I keep so much shit in it. Best part is since i started to hide weed in it my cat doesn't scratch the rest of my furniture anymore and uses the post.:)
  19. shove a dime down a big dog's throat....when ya wanna get high grab a terd from the back yard and wash it off till ya get your doobage from the poopage
  20. usually just leave it sitting around, seeing how theres nobody around that wouldnt approve of me smoking.

    In your car, I always put it in the glove compartment and lock it.

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